Is this fear?

Hello, first i want to say something, i have make many mistakes in my life, my women states that she don’t love anymore and to be fair with her, is nothing wrong with that, she expected more from me, and it looks that I’m not the love of her life, I decide to be a better person, and come back to my church, come back to Jesus and trough is love be that better person, she is “christian” try a couple of “christian churches” and she finally fount one that she loves, I Have not problem with that, she even take my daughter, her son and our son to the church, i have not problem with that, I took my daughter to the mass with me one day and she was upset, telling me why you taking here over there,we don’t say prays, wy are you teaching her the Our Father pray? …that is a Catholic thing, two nights a go i went with them to their church as a prove of love and tolerance, In my parish we have a pray group every Thursdays, my little son and me are really close, he likes to go with me everywhere and i love to do that, last night we was ready to go with me, backpack with his toys, Juice and … Mom say no I don’t want to take him over there, i just explain her that he plays with other kid and he like it, he start crying, but i left without him, i was angry but i pray to Good to no lose it and I leave everything in his hands, when i come back to the house i ask her, I don’t understand your attitude, she states i’m going to raise my kid as a christian even you like or not, and i do not want him to go to the catholic church, I;m not going to Judge her, but is this fear attitude?, maybe some of the separated brothers can give a opinion Thanks and God bless you

The most important thing is to keep your marriage and family intact. Your son can play with other kids in her church. My advice is to do what pleases your wife in this regards. Otherwise, you may loose everything. On the other hand, you have everything to gain. Ask your wife if she will give you her blessings to go BY YOURSELF to a Catholic church one evening a week. But you must ask her. Don’t hide this. I am sure she will consent AFTER you please her by only going to her church with your son. Show your son your great love and tolerance. Don’t teach him by hiding things from your wife. If your wife happens to tell you “no” then accept that happily. However, there is no reason you cannot pray the Rosary when you are by yourself. Offer your prayers through Mary. Tell God how you feel. You don’t have a perfect marriage, but it could be so much worse. At least she worships Jesus. Whatever church she belongs to, at least Jesus is there. Keep your family together. Teach your children by being a perfect Christian. It is more important to keep your children and family together than fighting to become Catholic. That can come later. Your children and your family are now more important. I hope this helps. Peace

It sounds like you have a marriage in trouble. There is a group given by the Church for everyone, all faiths called Retroville. I am hoping I am spelling it right.

It is given by the CC maybe you can talk her into at least trying. Good luck and I will pray for you guys.

Thank you for the answers, I want to please my women, I do not want her to become Catholic, if the Kids want to go to church with her I’m OK with that, as you can see i give up everything, i just want one thing that she respect my believes, as a mentioned she is a very anti- Catholic person, and lately i feel she is treating me like I am a weird person, she even say that the big mistake she make was not to find a “christian” men… all i ask is take my kid once an a wild with me to church is that a lot? I believe that God works everywhere he wants, he listen any person he wants, is not a fact of going to the “christian” or the Catholic church, I’m even propose go together to our churches, meaning we go one week to hers, and go one to my mine… but she don’t agree she told me thta our son will never got to catholic Church.

I am puzzled. Do you deny Christ? I would ask her if she thinks you do. Because to be Christian is to accept Christ as your God. If you are Catholic I KNOW you worship Christ.

I could see if the CC did not follow Christ, then I could see her saying we are not Christians. I think she need to know what a Christian is before she can accuse someone of not being one.

I would ask her for proof that the CC does not worship Jesus Christ.:thumbsup:

I told her that, why we are fighting if we both have Jesus in our hearts?, we are following the same Jesus, Same God, she don’t agree with Mary, OK, but she states that is not the same,
What I’m thinking is that she may have “brainwash” she is trying to take a friend of hers to her church, using things like, the service is Beautiful, they have rooms for the kids, they learn to much…we read the Bible, she don’t even ask if she is catholic, i know she is cause i ask her, but i didn’t say anything because they are great friends, but i don’t understand something if someone love Jesus, love God, why you insist that they need to change church? Personally i will never suggest nobody to do that, I respect if they ask me, i give my opinion, I ask her friend once, did you loved Mary? she say Of course, i told her don;t let no one take that from you ever, Why people rate a church base on feelings? Or mass is to boring, she told me once, so worship God is a Fun thing? a Stand up comedy show? a Rock concert? … I’m worried that her friend go with her, and may be get impressed, specially her Daughter because for a kid its a fun stuff, but in the other hand they now each other for so long, they love each other, I want to say something to her friend, but nothing just may suggest if you go don’t let emotions think for you, but I now she’s a loyal friend and she may tell her, and that would be a mess.

Keep praying and asking God for help. Remember when it seems there is no hope God always keeps it alive. Pray and wait for help from God.

Sometimes these things play themself out. Let her go for awhile, stick to your faith and God in the Mass, and let God handle the rest.

Thank you Rinnie, I will do that. God Bless you

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