Is this forum any good


Does this forum moderate the extreme or is it extremely moderated?

I might as well quit now and not waste my time if this is heavily moderated.

The last forum I was in [won’t name unless you ask], you could barely breath the moderation was so heavy. Moving topics around [so one was always searching for where the thread was moved to], absolutely intolerant of dissent, constant reminding of the rules [even though no offence was commited], cutting things short all-the-time, and so on. And you just new the moderators scrutinized every-single-word. It just felt like every post was an exercise in walking on glass.

So, again, is this a forum where they just moderate out the extreme. Or is it an extremely moderated forum?

What’s the score here? Thanks.


Well, let’s test the moderation. Here I shall curse…

Dog gone it. Dag nab it. Oh shucks!

Nope, still here. :wave:

Phil P


Second test…

Catholics worship Mary. The Pope may be the Beast. The Church Fathers were evangelical baptists. And Dave Hunt is a prophet…


Nope, still here. :yawn:

Phil P


If I were 94 years old, I would not want to waste any time either.


Third test of excessive moderation…

Your birthday from your profile:

Birthday: January 1, 1911

You are almost too old to be here!


Nope, still here. :whacky: And welcome. Ask your toughest questions, make your strongest objections. Thanks.

Phil P


I think you will get the most accurate feel for how stringently this forum is moderated by simply reading a lot of the threads/posts.


[quote=msgstephen]Does this forum moderate the extreme or is it extremely moderated?

What’s the score here? Thanks.

I think you’ll find the moderators here to be the “moderate the extreme” type.

You can read the “sticky” threads at the top for the “rules and regs.” Very reasonable.

Yes, threads get closed, when necessary. There are a few banned topics, but most everybody here would agree that they are wisely chosen topics to limit discussion on.

If a person Catholic or non-Catholic, it doesn’t really matter, gets continually menacing with their words, the thread is likely to get closed, sometimes with a warning, sometimes not.


I don’t know guys…I’m the meanest and most pain in the rump Mod on the planet I guess and this is the most tinkered with forum since the invention of processed food, right?

Having been around a good many forums, I’m actually kinda proud of CAF and the way we deal with stuff. So long as everyone is respectful and plays nice, it’s pretty much all good to us Mods. It is important to remember that this is a Catholic forum and that if your gonna disagree with us (which is just fine!) it’s important to use things like IMO or IMHO because to outright condemn a Catholic teaching or practice will run a person headlong into Conduct rules 1, 6, & 7, and a bad post report (using this button, will get us down here to see what’s going on in a heartbeat.

So Welcome MG and hopefully you’ve found a “good forum”. :thumbsup:
Michael Francis :irish2:


Well, thanks to everyone for the replies. :smiley:


Oh … I’d better watch me ar***se here then!

Thanks for the replies and I hope I enjoy this “place”.

Praise the Lord for He is surely Good.


Well, as they say -

Everything in moderation! :thumbsup:


[quote=msgstephen] And you just new the moderators scrutinized every-single-word…

Ahhh, at least I know somebody reads my posts :smiley: . Hi moderators :wave:


[quote=zian]Well, as they say -

Everything in moderation! :thumbsup:

Including moderation.


Hi Stephen it is very very very very very very extremely moderated.

But, when you compare it to Roman Catholic Observer fourm which has no moderation at all, it is better.


very very very? In all my time posting, I’ve never received so much as a warning (and I can be a bit direct). As long as you’re not a jerky you can pretty much post whatever you’d like.

Also, I’ve seen Catholics banned as fast as NonCatholics; that makes me feel much more comfortable with the level of moderation. If you can’t be reasonable…bye bye. If you *can *be reasonable…stay as long as you’d like.

God Bless,


may I ask which forum you were speaking of that was so overly moderated?


[quote=Daniel Marsh]Hi Stephen it is very very very very very very extremely moderated.

But, when you compare it to Roman Catholic Observer fourm which has no moderation at all, it is better.

Nonsense. The mods step in when necessary. CA forum has established rules and guidelines. I have found that as long as you can behave with a charitable response within the guidelines of the forum, your views will be tolerated ( maybe not embraced but certainly tolerated). Now once someone strays from charitability and starts trailblazing with the rules, then all bets are off and they probably deserve to get a hand slap.

Nice job Mods! You are appreciated.


I feel a group hug coming on for our moderators…here’s a warm fuzzy to you all!
Merry Christmas!


These are the most lightly moderated forums I have ever particiapted in. It has been my observation the only people who have problems with the moderators are those who continually break the rules.


The forums. They viciously scrutinize every word for the slightest variation from what they deem to be correct.


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