Is This Forum for the Thin- or Thick-Skinned?


Brand new here so please deliver a beat-down if this is a stupid question (not the face! not the face!)

Trolling through many threads, I’ve perceived a pattern simplified below:

Protestant A: Catholicism is a bunch of lies.
Catholic A: On what basis?
Catholic B: How dare you say that! Luther was a heretic who played with doody!
Catholic C: Doody-playing is off-topic.
Protestant A: I’m never posting here again.
Catholic A: Good riddance
Catholic B: Good riddance
Catholic C: Good riddance

Now, if this is a Catholic forum specifically tailored to defending the Catholic faith, and we’re inviting people to challenge and discuss the Catholic faith, is it reasonable to presume people so doing can expect some of us to defend it dispassionately and some aggressively?

Should we feel guilty for vigorous defenses? Some responses seem harsh, but critiquing dearly-held beliefs is what this is all about, right?

Is the pattern above a positive or a negative (or an invalid) one?

Now that I’ve left the ranks of the heretics I’m not sure if it’s good form to fire up some stakes or merely gently prod.


I have found that a successful posting career here is founded on being either incredibly thick-skinned -or- Catholic. Non-Catholics, and Muslims in particular, have to put up with the kind of vitriol from other posters that has resulted in bannings when aimed at Catholics.

A vigorous defense is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is a tactful and respectful offensive; heaping abuse on another person and calling it a ‘defense’ of your faith or even the ‘truth’ about another’s is an affront and an outrage.

The forum rules read ‘Non-Catholics are welcome to participate but must be respectful of the faith of the Catholics participating on the board.’ I hope one day to see that going both ways.


LOL That was funny:D

Im a NCC here and Ive almost always been able to post with charity:thumbsup:

I wish all people here would do the same. The catholics here know I do not agree with catholic doctrine but I guess I post in a respectful way.:smiley:

I think before I write. If I am upset or appauled at what someone wrote, I wont respond for fear of being rash:o

I do feel this is the way Jesus would want us to behave. After all, our goal, as christians, is to become more Christ-like. You cant really do that if you are calling other christians or non-christians names. :frowning:

I think you have to be thick -skinned;)


There have been Catholics who got banned for being uncharitable towards Protestants.

A vigorous defense is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is a tactful and respectful offensive; heaping abuse on another person and calling it a ‘defense’ of your faith or even the ‘truth’ about another’s is an affront and an outrage.

Very true. It is un-Christian to insult others.


You are one of the nicest, most charitable people here, out of all posters, Catholic, Protestant, or otherwise. :blessyou: :hug3:


Every poster here should remember that many others will be reading his/her posts other than the one being responded to. There’s nothing wrong with a vigorous defense of the faith, but if a Catholic response comes across as being less reasonable than the post being responded to, it can appear that in some sense the Catholic (and thus, Catholicism) “lost” that round.


Said it before, say it again. ALLFORHIM is a true witness to Christ and His grace.

Her theology’s just a little bit off. :smiley:


Indeed there have, and I would believe you if you said there have been Catholics banned for being uncharitable towards Muslims (although I have yet to see such a thing); yet this does not seem to have helped the more general problem in the slightest.


Your too kind:hug1: I think your posts are very charitable as well:thumbsup:


Her theology’s just a little bit off. :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: Oh that wasnt very charitable:blush: :wink: :smiley:


Am I banned? :wink:


Thank you.:slight_smile:


I have to agree on both sides. If someone starts to get nasty about what they are defending-they lose credibilty with the other side. If you cant come back with a well thoughout rebuttal then dont respond. If you start to insult it looks like you dont have a clue how to respond so you turn to ugliness.:frowning:


I get very frustrated when my fellow Catholics do not respond politely. Yes, there are rude people who come on this forum just to inflame us, but so what?

This forum has the potential to reach many, many non Catholics. It is very important for Catholic posters to remember that you don’t have to convince the individual poster of the correctness of Catholicism, but if you force yourself to answer politely and truthfully, then others who lurk on this forum will be influenced.

I hate when posters are called trolls. What does it matter if they are? Our faith can stand up to all questions, so answer the troll as though he is being sincere and know that there is probably some lurker somewhere who will be influenced by your response.


I cannot say. I do not participate in the threads dealing with Islam. I actually posted a suggestion to have a separate forum for Islam, so people would not have to wade through the posts trying to avoid it.


You know, thin-skinned or thick, one side or the other, it is good to have little group hug every now and then.

Good four souls and promotes charity. Something that some of us are more prone to losing than others. :smiley:


I agree very much. We tend to forget that when a poster gets rude or obnoxious they are hurting their own arguement. We should be glad when posters come here and insult us. It makes them look bad and if we respond with politeness, we appear to be right even without a brillant counter arguement.


Awww :smiley: Several of my favorite people being huggy in the same thread!!! :thumbsup:

To answer the OP: gotta be thick skinned.





I’ve been somewhat disturbed by the rudeness that is shown to Muslims on this forum.

Maybe I am too optimistic but I honestly believe that our faith can answer all questions with logic and charity. We don’t have to stoop to rudeness.

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