is this forum more like a "Apologetics" forum?


how could we distinguish the “Apologetics” forum from “non-Catholic Religions” forum?

At some point, I feel like they both are the same - people argue many same subjects that had been discussed in Apologetics.



“Apologetics” properly speaking is the defense of the faith from the attacks of unbelievers.

This room is primarily made up of non-Catholic Christians and Catholics though I know Muslims and Jews sometimes come by as well.

It could be helpful if the forum were retitled “Non-Catholic Christians” or something similar because you’re point is well taken that the way it is now it’s a bit redundant.


Too often it seems to be forum to attack the beliefs of others. :frowning:


What’s wrong with that?


I just read through another thread, in which a Moderator quoted a forum rule stating: “It is acceptable to question the doctrine or dogma of another’s faith”, From that standpoint, I guess attacking other faiths is acceptable here.

But that is why I will not visit the Non-Catholic Religions forum again.


“Attack” is counterproductive. One who “attacks” is not interested in dialogue or actually possibly learning something new, only scoring as many “points” as possible against the perceived “enemy” to show their “superiority.” It is an us vs. them mindset, casting every interaction into a battle to be won.

“Discuss,” “compare” and/or “contrast” (the actual description of this forum) might actually lead to learning something from another human being about the faith they hold as deeply and thoughtfully as one does one’s own.


I think using the word “attacking” to describe “discussion” is not very accurate. Though discussion seems to often end up with attacking.


Point taken. By “attack” I guess I was thinking “to question”…


That you equate the two terms explains much.


The threads in this forum definately run the risk of being very apologetic like. Here is a quote of mine from another thread:

[quote=Rachel Malloy]If a non-Catholic comes to the forum to discuss their religious beliefs, I encounter a NUMBER of individuals who decide that is proselytizing, and bring it to my attention, when I can see from the non-Catholic posts, that the individual is merely having a conversation- and integrating their beliefs into it.

Sometimes, a non-Catholic will come to the forum wanting to have a discussion, but from their experience on other boards they expect a dirty fight, and begin their posting similarly, which is most often always followed by at least one similarly “dirty pool” response from a Catholic here.

My goal as moderator of NCR is to provide an environment where people feel free to discuss their religions and be passionate about their religions without fear of personal attacks, attacks on their religions, or just underhanded debate style.

Typically, a non-Catholic will post a topic here about their religous beliefs. Sensitive Catholics almost immediately jump in to defend Catholicism and most often create an almost apologetic thread. Rather than discussing the non-Catholic religion and bringing up points about said religion (and the logic/consistency/truth), the focus is most often turned into a comparison of the two religions. Your religion is wrong because Catholicism is RIGHT!

As a Catholic, I of course believe this to be the case, but that doesn’t mean I cannot have a discussion with a Muslim or a SDA, or a Jehova’s Witness about the LOGIC or the historical consistencies, or the theology of their respective religions WITHOUT EVEN MENTIONING CATHOLICISM. For, the forum is called NON-Catholic religions, not “a comparison of Catholicism with all other religions”.

I respect the desire of all Catholics to bring religions unity under the Mother Church. But people who post in NCR are not Catholic, in fact they are most often very solid believers of their own professed religion.

Individuals who are opening proselytizing are usually counseled privately and a deeper understanding of their intents here on the board are explored. Most often once they understand that they are welcome to post without harrasment and without personal attacks, they become less defensive in their remarks. Please note I did NOT say they become less passionate about their religious beliefs… just less defensive.

Catholics who consider this forum home, would be wise to remain charitable in ALL their comentary and debate and provide a place where discussion is WELCOME. Being charitable does not make one a less passionate Catholic. And having an intellectual discussion on another relgion does not mean a Catholic is undermining his or her Faith.

As a rule, if you see a post that is full of personal attacks, and blatant proselytizing, your best bet is to complete a bad post report to bring it to moderator attention. If you choose to participate in the discussion, remember your charity, logical debate skills, and your Faith. Request the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all your responses, and enjoy your time in the non-Catholic forum! But remember to keep the discussion on topic, and not create a comparison of Catholicism with the relgion up for discussion. THAT is what ends up undermining most of the threads here in NCR.

As always, feel free to contact me anytime via email or PM. And thanks for posting!

With all that said, NCR often becomes a comparison between two religions rather than exactly what this Forum is titled non-CATHOLIC Religions. It’s labled that specificaly to disuade apologetic type comments.

But even then some leeway into apologetics is allowed- mostly to cite a Catholic belief or make a clarification to another poster about Catholicism. Beyond that, I try to diverge the conversation back on topic and ask that further discussion along the apologetic route head to the correct forum.

Hope that helps!

God bless-



Thank you, Rachel for posting and I hope everybody will take sometime and read it.

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