Is this good / bad / normal?


I was baptised, confirmed and received the Holy Eucharist for the first time today. During the baptism, I felt something overwhelming. Like all my body was fuzzy (is the best way to describe it). With confirmation and communion it felt normal, like it should happen…
I am by no means saying the confirmation or communion are lesser than the baptism, but the baptism really affected me physically… I can only relate this to the massive body shaking you see in those videos of black gospel churches (but I did not shake or anything).

Has anyone else felt anything like this when receiving these Sacraments?

I am so happy today, I really felt something :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congrats!! Yes, I’ve experienced something like that too.
When I was Baptized I was a baby, so I don’t remember that, but I had the same sort of ‘feeling’ you talk about for my first Confession (2 months ago) and again today for my Confirmation, more so though for my Confession. Today’s feeling was more of a small, warm, loving type feeling, where as the feeling I got with my first Confession was huge.
I was thinking maybe it was just me that felt this because nobody else has said anything about it, but it was definitely a physical feeling. I’m glad I’m not the only one :wink:

Welcome Home! :slight_smile:

Your experience was
a. good, although I would say it sounds AWESOME!! :heaven:
b. not “normal”, but I don’t think that is a bad thing.
c. a perfect example of the Holy Spirit at work!

I can really understand the “fuzzy” thing, as I had an experience about 3 years ago in which I felt the same thing. It was like God was giving me a great big hug, and I felt all warm & fuzzy inside. :hug1:
It was an amazing experience, and one I go back to often when I find myself in a spiritual desert.

How lucky you are to have had such a wonderful experience, and that you have the awareness to appreciate it!!

Peace be with you on your journey!

To choose one of the words in your title, I would call it “good”. You have felt a physical manifestation of the Holy Trinity cleansing your soul and making their “home” in you. When one of my children was prepared for Confirmation, she was instructed by someone who told the class to expect the Holy Spirit to make a difference, to make Himself known to them. She was one of the few to feel a certain sensation, something such as what you describe. We are not to focus on feelings, but God uses them, as He uses all our senses. I am familiar, from my own spiritual life, with the Holy Spirit doing such things. What is important is to stay focused on the Sacraments, Jesus, His precious Mother, and all that our wonderful Faith teaches us.


Thank you all for your wise words :slight_smile:

I think that this feeling is something that I will never forget and every time I receive communion I will remember it.

sphilomena, what did you mean when you said: ?

I completely agree with this (by the way):

May God continue to work in mysterious ways and bless our lives with His presence through the Holy Spirit. :angel1:

Sometimes I have a very physical reaction to some of the sacraments. For example–sometimes at communion and especially at my first confession.

I am very happy for you! Just remember that it doesn’t always happen…I don’t always have the same reaction to communion…but when I do it is very special.

I actually haven’t been confirmed yet so I can’t speak to that…but am looking forward to it next year.

ps–as way of explaination…I was baptized as a baby…had first communion and then my parents left the church…without confirmation for us children…now I’m 40 something and back in the church…which is how I’ve had first communion but not confirmation.

yes sphilomens, the Lord does know and understand what is needed for all of us. I remember, vividly still, some thirty years ago being in my bed praying for the Holy Spirit to renew me, When suddenly I felt the hovering of something covering me from feet to the top of my head, I thought, it is God’s Holy Spirit, just as he hovered over the water in the first account of creation. He loves us so! Peace Carlan

When my daughter was confirmed as a teenager, when the Bishop laid hands on her she got such an overwhelming feeling of happiness (or joy or whatever you might call it) that she actually threw her arms around the Bishop and gave him a great big hug (while I slunk down in the pew embarrassed to death.) The reaction of the Bishop? A surprised look, a smile, then a great big hug back, I kid you not. Thankfully, she was the only one who broke protocol that day.:o

I think the Bishop must have recognized the working of the Holy Spirit in her and was pleased and touched by it, but I wouldn’t recommend people begin doing that to their Bishop. Still, I always liked the Bishop a little better for that…

Definitely good! I felt something akin to that when I was baptized as well. I also felt something the first time I was in the presence of the blessed sacrament. I went to adoration with my friend that had introduced me to the church and as soon as I was in the pew and on my knees I felt His presence physically. Like He was wrapping his arms around me in a loving embrace. :hug1: I’ll never forget the way I felt that day, and I also remember that feeling on days when I’m feeling a little more spiritually empty. It helps remind me of why I’m here and that there’s no where else I’d rather be.:slight_smile:

When I wrote that, I couldn’t help but think of some who think “feelings” and “experience” are their focus. That seems to become more important to them than knowing what the Church teaches. That being said, as shown by some of the comments here, the Holy Spirit definitely uses our physical senses in connection with spiritual things. Carlan gave a good example. I’ll give you another example: one morning in my prayer time I thought of my two deceased friends who loved the Blessed Mother as I do. I asked them to give the Blessed Mother a kiss for me, and I felt a warm “blanket of love” surround me. It was beautiful.

:slight_smile: My focus is on Him and the Church and Her teachings.
That thing you talked about with the “blanket of love” sounds similar to what a lot of people have written about :hug1: :slight_smile:

God Bless

Yes, it’s what the old hymn “Come Holy Ghost” speaks of: the “sweet anointing from above”.:slight_smile: It certainly is good.

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