Is this grave enough

Where I work I am not allowed to use my cell/moble phone. I work in a super market. My phone usually is turned off but today it wasn’t and it rang and I went somewhere to answer it and my boss saw me a told me off.

I broke a rule at work I know but I not sure if it is grave enough for it to be a mortal sin.

I know what I did should have not been done. What do others think is it a grave sin

A minor transgression, somewhat inconsiderate of the staff and customers in the shop. Next time have the good sense to turn your phone off should it ring while you are at work.


take it to confession, it will help you in the future.

Answering a cell phone is not a grave matter.

you knew it was wrong, you did it anyway, you hid because you knew you weren’t supposed to be talking on the phone. in today’s world, everyone does it. i would confess it and move on, what’s the big deal?

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