Is this greed?

So there are these headphones that I want to save up for, they cost $380, the’re beats by dre studio wireless (don’t know if you heard of them or not), my parents are allowing me to do chores every week to earn some money to buy them, is it greed for me to want to have such expensive headphones?

well, surely they are expensive, and I would really question if they are worth getting, I mean why do you need those if others more than 10 times cheaper can do the same?

but greed is something diferent.

oh, another stuff, from what I’ve heard the Dre ones are overpriced, i say you do a good research, those might not even be as good as you think.

i guess the main reason i want to get them is because i imagine they are pretty fun to listen to music with, they look cool and i’m sure they sound great, and ya they probably are overpriced:/, but the main thing is, i don’t want to offend our loving God in Heaven by commiting greed:/

about the quality, i suggest you research. i’ve seen some reviews, one of them was good, two others were more like they would not pay what they cost for them but were not bad, and some users said that they were terrible. I’m not sure if those were the same model, but i really suggest you do a good research.
also why do you want a sound canceller? at least I would like to know what is going on around me to dont be caught off guard by some incident, just think about that also.

now about the sin of avarice i suggest you read the article. It would be sinful if you wanting them was something destructive or putting them as more importants than stuff that are more important.

If you’re gonna spend that kind of money on headphones, check out Bose. Proven track record. As for greed I’m gonna vote no.

It is not greed. I had a situation similar to yours. I wanted some shoes that I really liked, but they were expensive. I still bought them but I felt bad. I asked in confession if this was a sin and was advised to be more humble. So try to be humble would be my advice. :thumbsup:

what exactly did the priest mean by being more humble?

What kind of headphones are worth $380. LOL.

I remember back when we had CD walkmen, a replacement set of headphones were around $20. if not cheaper! Headphones are headphones they way i see it, not sure how one brand could be any better than any other brand…they all do the same basic thing.

These are really high quality ones (the’re probably overpriced), but the question is if it is greedy to want to save up for them. i really don’t want to sin! is it sinful or not?

well, it is probably greed on the manufacturers, or price gouging.

I have to be honest, I can listen to a CD on my semi-decent CD player in my car (standard that came with the car btw), and I cannot see how the sound could possibly be any better or even higher quality, Ive been to concerts and to me, a CD playback is pretty comparable, so unless we have some very discerning consumers today,Id say this is the manufacturer at fault, for making people believe the sound coming from their headphones are better than anyone elses and are worth that ridiculous amount of money.

The people that buy them arent at fault, but are gullible IMO.

But in todays world, it is also common for the younger generation to buy $6 energy drinks and they truly believe these drinks are worth it LOL. In the past these companies/salesmen were known as snake oil salesmen, most could spot them, but many were fooled. IMO, this is whats going on in modern times… in a wide range of products.

Greed? No. Foolish? Yes. The Beats by Dre headphone stuff is all extremely over priced stuff and rather mediocre, they actually deliberately distort bass.

If you are going to shell out so much money on headphones check out the Sennheiser PXC 310 BT, higher fidelity and cheaper

it most likely it’s not, greed is not wanting something expensive, it is the inordinated desire of something, like if by getting those you’ll leave your family without food, or stuff like that, or giving them a value they dont have, like taking those stuff as more important than people or God.
otherwise is just normal ambition, all of us want to have pretty stuff, the thing is not to be attached in an inordinate way to those stuffs. (of course I might be using the word attachment wrong, since to me you can be attached to something, like really liking your car, but knowing it is nothing more than a car and that God and other humans are far more important)

now if anyonw thinks im not right, please tell, it would help me greatly also.

That makes sense, and it is obvious when greed is a mortal sin, do you think it’s even venial to desire such things? or just no sin at all?

We all want things. Whether we need them is another question. Working and saving for something over time are good virtues. We live in considerable affluence compared to much of the world.
It will become your personal choice as to how you respond to Christ’s discussion with the rich young man.
But consider how often our desire for the latest Wi U or other gaming unit slacked our thirst for so little time. I don’t think that wanting a really good set of headphones is greed in itself. But price is not always a determinant of quality. You will get many hours of enjoyment listening to the nuances of good music. Nothing wrong with that. As long as you can also find a love for the poor and perhaps a willingness to save up for their benefit. God bless and do your research.

IN this day and age just about everything is overpriced. Just remember where your priorities should be love God above all else, things are not that important. Once you buy them, you may love them for a while, but that quickly wears off, and then it is off to the next latest and greatest thing…marketing and advertising can really influence what we want, just make sure you want God and Heaven even more.

Can you really just walk away from all your stuff, if today God calls your name ?? do not become so attached to the things of this life that you can not let go.

I’m talking about overpriced relative to better products, the Sennheiser PXC 310 BT for example is better and substantially cheaper. He could give the difference or part of the difference to a charity of his choice.

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