Is this historically accurate?

it’s about what happened before the “reformation” and guadalupe, am looking forward for anyone’s kind feedbacks :smiley:

I have heard the argument about the plague leading to a decrease in priest and nuns and the need to ordain/install more. Logically that makes sense, but I haven’t take the time to really drill into it.

I have never heard of the Luder/Luther/Beast comment. That sounds a bit specious. People love to come up with ways to prove that the Pope is the AC/beast and I generally discount any attempts to ‘prove’ that someone is the beast. Only the end of days will show us and we probably won’t even figure that one out until the big guy comes home.

I suppose there is some truth to this mixed in with a lot of lies/distortions. If it smells like propaganda, it is probably propaganda. As followers of Christ I think we need to steer clear of this kind of writing and focus on today and bringing our separated brothers and sisters in Christ back home.

I had read many of the quotes attributed to Luther in other sources, so I suspect there is a good deal of truth in the part about Luther’s writings. He did help instigate a large slaughter of the peasantry, and he also was instrumental in violence against the Jews (and of course against the Church). He did marry a nun. And what he said about works is accurate, too (reminds me of the deceits of Satan where evil will be called good, and good, evil.)

And the cartoons of Satan and the Pope and religious I have also read in other sources.

And Guadalupe did bring in many millions at the same time Luther took out millions.

HIs name being Luder and meaning beast I had never heard.

When I first read these writings of Luther years ago, I wondered how anybody could follow him, but then I realized these are kept hidden as much as possible from Protestants (in the same way things of Smith and Young are not taught to Mormons).

But it is best at this time to witness our Catholicity to non-Catholics as the best means of preaching to them, rather than pointing all this out, perhaps.

thank you, I’ve searched some sites about that Luder beast thing and i came across a book that i think was entitled “the woman clothed with the sun” i havent read it though…

but according to some “yahoo answers” kind of sites, luder in german means cadaver…

thank you for your inputs!

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