Is this insulting Jesus?


Is this insulting Jesus or is it like a funny way to show the Lord is perfect in a funny way.:shrug:


It kinda makes him look like a jerk and a showoff, not how I picture Jesus. I’ve seen worse, though. Not to excuse it; we need to be careful with the humor, that it isn’t blasphemous or inviting other people to blasphemy, if that makes any sense? :slight_smile:


It is certainly insulting to the sensibilities of Christians.


It’s more insulting to the sensibilities of filmmakers than Christians.


I don’t think they meant badly but it’s irreverent imo.


Anything that portrays him other then what he really is, is blasphemy in my book. That video was done in very poor taste indeed.


I thought it was kinda juvenile.
Not extremely funny, not really offensive.


I didn’t like it. It didn’t show him in the light of a loving God. Just a childish showoff. :mad:


it kinda makes him look almost like he is a show off and bully…i guess everybody has their own opinions, but i think its wrong, jesus has enough mockers in the world without his own followers joining in,:shrug:


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