Is this is mortal sin?


I confessed to the Priest this morning that I had thoughts of suicide one day. He told me those thoughts are not from God and to pray to God to help me banish those thoughts. So I’ve been thinking about what the Priest said ever since, and hoping I don’t have those thoughts again.

One examination of conscience said “Seriously entertaining thoughts of suicide”. Is that what I’m doing right now, because I keep thinking about what the Priest said to me. Or is seriously entertaining thoughts of suicide to mean you are seriously thinking of doing it? (which I’m not right now.)


Thoughts of suicide are a temptation from the devil. There’s a difference between being tempted and sin. If you entertain these thoughts you’re playing a dangerous game and possibly sining, what you have to do is just say no to them.


It would be prudent to seek medical treatment if you are feeling suicidal. Depression or some other medical problem could be causing this that can be treated. I am sorry you are not feeling well but just wishing these feelings away and saying No to them without treatment does not always work.

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Seriously entertaining thoughts of suicide mean your thoughts of committing suicide: giving in to thoughts of despair, seriously considering death as a viable option, making plans, and the like.

I suffer from severe depression and do entertain thoughts of suicide from time to time. My illness may make me less culpable in ways of the seriousness of this sin, to the effect that it may not be mortal, but I confess it nonetheless. I am under the care of a medical professional who prescribes medications for my illness and see a therapist regularly to help me deal with these thoughts.

If you think of suicide it is a sign that you need not only spiritual help but other professional help as well. Please call 1-800-273-8255, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. A trained crisis worker will help you right now and can help you get in touch with mental health professionals in your area for ongoing assistance.


Thinking about the counsel you received is not the same as thinking about committing the act itself.

I echo reaching out for help immediately of you dwell on thoughts of actually committing suicide again.


Do you think the church and cardinals and priests that think about what to write in the catechism regarding suicide are sinning?


Thanks everyone! I do see a psychiatrist and a therapist.


I also see a therapist and all. There are days when I do feel so low that the thought of suicide enters my mind. But it’s the actual planning on how to carry it out that would be the sin. It’s been awhile since I felt that bad. I mean, as far as wanting to actually do something to myself. There are crisis lines available. Keep one handy in case you do ever get to feeling that bad. Also, there is an online bit that might come in handy if you prefer to go that route. Of course, depending on the conversation, they may ask if they can call you. But I hope and pray it doesn’t come to that.


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