Is this justified?


I go to a Catholic school, and we have mass offered every day, where I am often scheduled to be a Eucharistic minister. My question is two-fold: WITHOUT the permission of the priest would I be justified in denying Communion to one of my classmates who is very public in her support of gay marriage? What about WITH his permission? I’m obviously not a bishop, who are the men we traditionally hear about denying the Eucharist. Just to be clear, I HAVEN’T done this, I was just wondering. Thank you!


Ask your priest. But put it in generic terms. Something like, "Is it ok to refuse communion to someone who supports same sex marriages?" If he asks for specifics, I'd be inclined to say it's someone I know, or have heard about this.


Please speak to your bishop (or let him know in letter form.) Some things have just got to be done.


Yes talk to the priest. For you to do it on your own could cause a ruckess and bring scandal. As the priest to talk to this person outside of Mass.


I think I would ask the priest without saying who the person is. And if the priest tells you to not give that person communion, let htat person know privately that you spoke to the priest WITHOUT disclosing his/her identity.... and make sure you let him/her know you did it out of caring/worry/(maybe even love?) and not in order to put him/her down.


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