Is This Kind of Anger a Sin?


Looking at the HHS mandate and the persecutions now facing the church because of proAbortion policiticans in power, I stopped and realized,
most of these radical proabortionists in Congress are, shockingly, Catholics.
The Church has never publicly reprimanded these public apostates.
The Church has never publicly told Catholics that
they must not vote for public apostates or Pro-abotion politicians.
( It can do that, as Pius the 12th, after World War Two, ordered Italy’s Catholics
to not vote for the Communists under penalty of automatic excommunication. So,
the church can, easily, forbid Catholics to vote for proabortion advocates under penalty of excommunication ).
Not only that, the proabortion officials are given big church funerals from Catholic Cathedrals, with other proabortion elected officials giving the eulogies.
This goes on all the time. The bishops and priests, on the whole, do nothing.
And now this persecution has started.
Remember the scene at the end of Casablanca where the guy says,
“Gambling goes on in that club? I’m shocked! Shocked I say!!”

Well, this is how I feel when I see church bishops acting shocked and angry that proabortion elected officials are now trying to force the Church to sin.

The persecutions of the Church in America are just beginning.
And in my heart of hearts, I believe that our suffering, which is only beginning,
has been brought upon us by our largely do-less bishops who have let Catholics for 40 years vote for proabortion officials, many of whom themselves are Catholic apostates.

I am furious that we are going to be persecuted when our bishops could have stopped this decades ago.
Do any of you think it is a sin to be angry over this?
Pius XII stopped most Catholics from voting wickedly by ordering them not to.
Our Bishops could have done the same.
Is it wrong to be really very angry about this (inevitable) development?
thanks for any opinions dear friends.


I am not sure we know what would have happened had the Church taken that stance. It also might have backfired, instead. We can’t really even say for certain.

The Church also used to be able to say to people not to see a movie, and people also wouldn’t see it. Now, Church says not to see a movie, and many, if not most, go out and see it anyway. These are different times.

People are normally aware of the Church’s position but do what they want. It’s very hard times. Even Catholics have turned astray.

I guess the Church is probably not convinced threats of excommunication would be the best way to handle this.

I don’t know if it would be fair to put the whole blame for this on the Magisterium and say if they had only done this, problem would have been solved. It might not have worked, maybe could have made it worse.

They have it hard enough as it is, need our support now, more than ever. Even if it turned out to be a mistake, then so be it. We need to forgive our own for making mistakes from time to time, knowing we make mistakes, too.

Looking to the past and saying if only this had never happened…is probably not helpful. It has, for whatever reason, right or wrong. We need to play the ball where it lies, accept things as they are.

This is the hand we have now, and if the bishops made a mistake in that, we need to forgive them for that, and let go of this.

Now, that’s all “water under the bridge”. Worrying about what could have happened will not do one thing to solving today’s problems. We need to move forward.


You got it right.

You missed the fact that the Pope was in Italy. If the Bishops in the U.S.A. did that, the corporate catholic church (no caps for the business or corporate side of the Church) would lose its tax exemption. It is all about the money. Can you imagine if the catholic church (business) had to pay property taxes, sales tax, income tax for their hospital business, gift tax, etc.?

No. It is not a sin to be angry about this problem we are facing. It is called righteous indignation. Jesus got angry with the merchants in the temple, didn’t He? It is the same. I sure hope I did not make you even angrier!!

Three “down to earth” things that may help you are:

  1. In the U.S. there are two sides to the Church: the business side and the spiritual side;
  2. Many times you will have to “do as they say, not as they do”; and
  3. The Church is not God (you do not pray to the Church or say “good night Church” when you go to sleep, do you?).

I am glad you see the light. We have to pray and pray strongly. God bless you! Stay strong in the Faith. Remember that this is **His **Church – WE are His Church AND He will not abandon us – He said He would not and He never changes His mind! Relax, pray and trust in Him. :popcorn:


It is a great tragedy that church leaders stay silent when dealing with public figures who so fail in their vocations as to support abortion. Bishops are teachers and should show some spine when counselling these individual catholics, if they still are, given their possible self excommunication. If as one wise post suggested their silence is due to the favourable tax position of the church, then they are giving far too much to Caesar.
Prayer is all that is open to us ordinary laity. Writing to the Bishops privately is called for as well, as we are all part of the magisterium.
However it just reconfirms to those of us looking at the American church from the outside that there is a crisis of faith that has weakened a once great institution, just as your once great country disintegrates from within.


allowing this hypocrisy turns people away from the church. They think we are all hypocrites. I have had the thought that if Nancy Pelosi attended my parish, if I could restrain myself from throwing her out, less she confesses to the priest and changes directions. How on earth can that woman call herself catholic...


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