Is This Kind of Prayer Acceptable or Not?


For example, a sincere atheist ptaying “God if you exist, please change my life” or someone praying “Lord if you are who you say you are please help me out” with sincerity (sp?) of course.

I wonder if these are examples of “testing the Lord”?


I would think that really depends on the person’s intent. If the subtext is, “God, I really want to believe in you so please guide me” then I would think that is a good prayer. After all, most of us have moments of doubt where we ask God for help. However, if it is, “give me what I want or else” then no that is not a prayer as much as it is a threat or just wining about wanting your way.

Remember, God is not a genie who is there to grant us wishes.


Good Answer. Well Stated. Agreed. :thumbsup:

– Cadian :knight1:


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