Is this life threatening?

I am a MESAC (Ministro Extraordinario de la Sagrada Comunión), I don’t know what is the correct term in English.

I visit a Nursery Home where I give the Sacred Communion to eight people who are homebound.
Seven of them are very old and frail and cannot go out. But one of them is about sixty years and is apparently well, able to walk, talk, etc. normally.
I always wondered why he was even there.
Now I found out! His family put him there because he has schizofrenia.
I have been going there for about a year and a half now, and he used to be calm and collected, but last Sunday he told me he wanted to talk to me when I was leaving.
He said that ‘those persons who are spending all their money to ruin the whole world, have found out that he has been praying three Salms that speak about evil people, and now that they are going to come to get him’.
I told him not to worry, that he was in a safe place, that God was with him and that everything would be alright.
I thought that would tranquilize him, but I was wrong.
This week, he did something unusual: he asked for my home phone number to the people in charge of the nursery home. They gave it to him!! and he has called me several times, leaving messages in my answering machine, asking me to please call him. And he sound very upset, like he was crying.
I did not know what to do. I did not call him. Instead I talked to my parish priest, who told me not to worry, that he did not think this man would do any harm to me, because I am not alone with him, there are other people in that nursery home.
But my sister strongly disagrees.
She remembers what happened to the girlrfiend of Patch Addams, who went by herself to see a mental patient and he killed her; and also what happened to brother Roger from Taizé, who was murdered by a crazy woman who in a psicotic ouburst bought a knife and killed him, even though the place was crowded.
I called the lady in charge of the nursery home, and she told me the man in question has paranoid schizofrenia. He came there directly from a psichiatric hospital.
She says he does not want to be there and refuses to take his medication, so they give it to him diluted in coffe or in some other beverage, without his noticing it.
I think maybe the medicine is not working anymore, or maybe he needs a different dosage.
My sister is worried sick and asks me to stop going there, she fears for my life.
I go there once a week, on Sundays.
I would not want to stop going because there are seven elderly persons to whom I read the Gospel, I pray with them for their intentions, I give them Holy Communion, pray the Angelus, etc.
It breaks my heart to think how sad and lonely they would be without that spiritual comfort.

Do you thing I am putting myself in seriuos risk? Is this really a life threatening situation?

Thank yoy in advance for your comments and advices,


The home had no right to give out your ph. no.
Change your phone no. or at least turn off you answering machine.
You will probably be Ok, but if it eases you mind take a companion with you.
I would hate for you to give up such a worthy evangelization but you may need to skip the gentleman in question.

Thank you, Mary Estelle!
Good advice! I will take someone with me.

God bless,


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