Is this list reliable?

I recently found this list of sins and I have been using it as a reference point to judge my actions and for the most part it seems reliable. I don’t actually know whether or not it it truly reputable. Can anyone look at it and if there are any flaws or mistakes, point them out specifically and tell why they are wrong?

It seems mostly sound, but there are a few weird things.

Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with Gay Rights Groups?
Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with Pro-Choice Groups?
Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with Pro-Abortion Groups?
Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with the Communist Party?
Did you join, contribute to, or sympathize with the Socialist Party?

I would not put those under the first commandment. The second and third one might go under the fifth commandment, but the other three seem a bit fishy to me. Of course I may be wrong, but that’s just my humble opinion.

It’s also a bit odd that it condemns NFP vigorously.

Wow that list sounds like everything is a sin. :eek: I don’t think that’s right. Maybe that’s what people are reading when they keep asking if everything is a sin. :shrug:

I agree with the others…This list seems (IMHO) exhaustive to the point of promoting despair.

I note from your postings that you are asking a lot of “is this a sin” questions. Also it appears that you are young (teen??). If indeed you are young, and finding your way in the faith, then I would suggest that this list is too exhaustive for where you are currently.

In addition, I would like to suggest to you that being Christian is not so much about the avoidance of sin…of meeting the requirements of some list or legal code as it is about Love. Being a Christian is about Love and loving. Jesus tells us in Mt 22:36-40 that All of the Law and Prophets are based on two great commandments. 1) Love God with all of your heart, mind and strength, and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself.
The Love spoken of here (Agape in Greek) is not a emotional or transient love. It is a deeply committed brotherly and/or familial love. It is a communal and self sacrificing love. It is a love that seeks the highest good for all. It is a love that desires to serve more than to be served.

Now - Why do I write this?
It is because I want to help you to gain a more proper and helpful focus.
Trying to identify, define and avoid a whole list of sinful thoughts and actions is exhausting…unless one has a good sound understanding of the root principles.
Plus, focusing on sin keeps one looking “the wrong way”. It keeps us looking down at the pit instead of up at the goal.

Focusing on Agape…on Christian love…as we are taught by Christ…keeps us looking up. Focusing on love builds up, it promotes peace, both personal and communal. Building up love and growing in our understanding of Christian love brings that which is NOT love more clearly and perfectly into focus without our needing to dwell on it. Avoiding that which is not love means we more naturally avoid sin.
Most importantly, focusing on Love and living that love to the best of our ability every day will allow us to be joyful Christians and make the faith ever more attractive to others, thus making us better witnesses for Christ our King.

Now having said all of that, it is not a bad thing that you ask if this or that is a sin, or how serious of a sin something might be. This too is a part of growing in love. But please consider that a focus on the positive…the Love…is the key.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the sure norm. Your pastor can help you form your conscience. Ask your pastor for a booklet on examination of conscience.

Many “lists” on the internet are from fringe groups, or groups not in communion with the Church. This particular site seems to be run by an end times conspiracy theorist and apparition chaser. NO you should NOT go back to this site nor follow it.

Stick with Catholic books on moral theology, approved for publication.

I don’t think it’s all that reliable. For one thing, it says:
“Did you have impure or violent sexual fantasies, asleep or awake?”

Umm… in general, I don’t think someone can be held culpable for what they dream about… :confused:

NFP for married couples is taught by the Catholic Church to be morally acceptable. I don’t like, and would not trust, a site or list that claims to be “holier” than the Catholic Church by condemning something that the Church herself says should not be condemned. :shrug:

Think I’d find a better examination of conscience than that one, if it was me. :wink:

Not sure about the list, but the site calls attention to, and endorses, several questionable private “revelations.” Notably, it supports the “prophesies” of St. Malachy, which are absolutely not supported by the Church: There are a few good bits of info on the website, but it’s not one I would use for guidance since there are so many others that adhere more closely to authentic Catholic wisdom and teaching. Catholic Answers is a perfect starting point, IMO! :thumbsup:

Thanks for reading.

Yours in Jesus through Mary,


This site seems to be a good example of the crazy-conspiracy-theory wing of the Church.

This site looks like it took this examination and decided to alter it.

That list seems kind of extreme to me. In fact, the whole website seems extreme. I’d do an internet search for something else. Here’s one, for example:

I do not recommend that one…

Note there are some subjective judgments of his own being made there…and some things can be confusing or unclear or not necessarily correct. Hence I do not recommend this examine per se.

Just wondering if you had some examples of confusing or unclear things you found.

Okay I understand that the website is mostly unreliable and I will find a different examination of conscience to use but what did you mean when you said it seems that it made everything a sin. Aside from the NFP and a couple of other things, weren’t they all actually sins. P.S. it was a list of both venial and mortal sins.

Yeah, that site doesn’t look reliable in general. Not to mention, there is nowhere where it even identifies who runs the website or created the list.

I agree with asking your Confessor for a reliable examination of conscience. Don’t just pull one from some random website.

I want to add my vote against this examination of conscience, and against the entire website. There are things on that list that are not worded well, and things that are NOT SINS.

I recommend that you check the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops or ask your confessor for a more appropriate examen.


Remember examinations of conscience are meant to assist -to spur one along. They are not going to be exhaustive (nor do they just examine grave matters often)

The moral section of the Catechism and of the Compendium of the Catechism can be helpful too.

:thumbsup: Yes, far better to go with what’s on the USCCB website than to rely on some anonymous website runner’s opinions on what is or is not sinful.

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