is this list reputable

is this list of mortal/venial sins reputable or not

The list seems technically acceptable, although a couple of things might be better nuanced. I can’t decide if this kind of cataloguing represents healthy or unhealthy introspection. There is a certain traditional bias in some of its questions… such as putting socialism and communism of the list… etc.

The website on which it is posted seems to promote a radically charismatic perspective, and claims to have proven with psycho-spiritual evidence the exact date of Jesus’ birth, the day the 3 Wise Men visited him, etc. Is this a thing in Catholicism?


I had no idea.

I think the list is more or less ok…I used it initially, but after digging more into their site I did not feel comfortable with it anymore.

I don’t like the source the list came from…there are better ones out there. Often your diocese will have some sort of examination of conscience maybe even on their website.

Just very depressing as far as I am concerned! I don’t scandalize the priest, just a general overpencil of my mortal sins. Too much detail can ruin your day!

The site supports medjugorge so don’t read it much.

Rely on your conscience, particularly if you have recieved the sacraments of initiation.

All the “Did you . . . . .” listings seems to make no allowance for sins already confessed. A literal use of this list would seem to promote perpetually re-confessing sins already dealt with in confession. “Rhythm” and “Natural Family Planning” on the Mortal list? And what’s an “unjust lawsuit” according to the Church? Seems like a recipe for scrupulosity.

Yes I agree

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