is this lying?

hello, well i have this doubts about some stuff.

1.- is it a sin to deceive people in this situations:

for example when you are playing poker, you deceive the others by bluffing, or like in a computer game I like where one of the characters abilities is to look like any of the other characters in order to deceive people into thinking you are on their team or are another class or player, this also has to be helped by some acting by yourself if you want the other team to buy it like using the automatic messages to confuse them and stuff.

or is it allowed because it is a thing everyone accepts since the begining, that it is part of the game to try to deceive others while the others will try to do the same, and the deceiving only affects the game.

also in the same stuff, what about the feints? like in sports or in a fight when you make it look like you are going to do something to make them do a mistake.


This is scrupulosity. None of the things you mentioned in your post are sins at all, primarily because they are understood parts of a game, (thus not deception) and your concern is unwarranted.

I guess, from your post, that you have these kinds of scrupulous concerns about a lot of things. I would highly suggest talking to your priest in person or in the confessional about how to deal with these inclinations; they can be very troublesome at times and will not help you at all in your spiritual journey.

God bless and I hope you talk to your priest or spiritual director about this.


It could be a sin if you, say laughed at them for falling for the trick. In general, these things are ok.

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