is this lying?

I sometimes feel like i have to give exact info on stuff, but is it really a sin to just say unimportant information we are not sure of, without saying we are not sure? or knowing it is not exactly what happened but that does not matter at all, since the idea you are trying to say is the same. (he said: “i’ll be going” but instead you say he said: “i’m going to go”)

sounds pretty nit picky…

If this were the case, all weather men and women would be in terrible trouble.

I am always amazed by the things people think may be sinful. Is it only we Catholics that do this?:confused:

A lie is a deliberate attempt to mislead, either by saying something that isn’t true or withholding something that is true. Rephrasing something someone said is not a lie because you’re passing on essentially the same information.

A question for you: do you suffer from scrupulosity?

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