Is this marriage valid?


Hello all, I am very new to this site so please forgive me if this question has been asked before and I do apologies for any annoyance. But I was just very curious about my cousins situation, who will get married in perhaps a years time?

She is a catholic and so is the fiancé (however not very religous and did not complete his confirmation)
He was previously married to a non catholic through civil marriage in a court room but now is divorced and has a child. What happens here? What are the necessary steps to ensure a valid marriage? Does he need an annulement? Also does the child hold an impediment?

Sorry for the many questions, any answer would help a lot!
Thank you!


The child is innocent and also not an 'impediment' regarding the marriage issues.
If your cousin's fiancé is a baptized Catholic, then marriage in a civil court, and without permission from the Church, is not a valid Sacramental marriage.

However, these links may be helpful:

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Regarding the child:


your cousin and her fiance need to sit down and meet with her priest, who will guide them through premarital preparation and all that needs to be done.


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