Is this marriage valid ?


A Catholic friend married a non Catholic in a ceremony outside the Church. There was aCatholic deacon who fulfilled the legal requirements as the other minister could not. Is this marriage valid in the eyes of the Church?If not , what are the implications for the children who are Catholic (been christened and done first communion)and the Catholic spouse?Thanks


There are no implications on the children whatsoever. Seems like the civil side of things is in question,though. Doesn’t the person sign that they are witnessing the marriage for the state? The deacon didn’t witness the marriage. Why couldn’t the other minister fill out the legal paperwork? Sounds like one for the experts. Call the marriage tribunal.



If the putative marriage has not been investigated, none. (Even if it is investigated and found irregular, the implication for past deeds acted in good faith are little-to-none. And I know of no “implications” for *any *children (of a valid marriage, of an invalid marriage, of an out-of-wedlock not-even-pretending-to-be-a-marriage union) – Do you mean to infer something specific? :confused: )



What was the deacon thinking!?!??!


we have no way of knowing. we are not party to all the arrangements and prepartion the couple did in preparation for the marriage. we do not know if they received a dispensation for marrying a non-Catholic, or one for marrying in another location than a Catholic Church. Since we do not, and cannot know, the answer, we assume the marriage is valid until proven otherwise. In any case, it has no implications whatever for the children, except the obvious danger, that in any interfaith marriage there is a high probability the Catholic partner will fall away from the faith and the children won’t be raised Catholic.


There are no implications for the children. As individuals they have been Baptized and received their First Holy Communion. The state or condition of their parents marriage has no effect on them sacramentally.

There are many details that need to be understood, the Catholic spouse should meet with their pastor to discuss this.

I do not want the answers. But they should be prepared to answer questions like.

Are there any prior marriages for either?
What was the reason they did not Marry “in the Church”?
Was the Bishops permission obtained for the marriage to take place in another church?
Was the Bishops permission obtained to allow a Catholic/ Baptized non-Catholic Christian Marriage to take place?
Did the deacon have authority to witness the marriage on behalf of the Catholic Church?


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