Is this mass valid?


While out of town this past weekend we looked up mass times on and went to mass at [edited] (which says its Roman Catholic) and was very confused because:

  1. The priest made the sign of the cross saying “In the name of the Father, MOTHER, Son and Holy Spirit”.

  2. We skipped the Nicaean Creed (no Apostles Creed either.)

  3. We skipped the Gloria.

  4. During the Homily, the priest said to feel free to come up and baptize ourselves during the “peace be with you’s…AKA ‘half time’”.

  5. The priest also said “Daughter Jesus”.

We left at about after about an hour as we were afraid the mass was not valid and went to another mass instead. They added some other fluff so we didn’t even get to consecration.

Please let me know your thoughts on this! Thank you!


All that is needed for a valid Mass is:

  1. A validly ordained priest

  2. who intends to do as the Church does

  3. says “This is my body” and “This is … my blood.”

  4. Over pure wheat bread (just wheat bread and water)

  5. And over pure grape whine (red, white, pink);

The rest of the Mass can be a total mess. The priest could be totally incoherent through the entire Mass and regain his mental faculties long enough to do a valid consecration, you’ll have a valid Mass.


I think you need should call the Diocese or even the priest of that parish and ask about what you “saw and heard” instead of posting that kind of identifying information (name of parish) on here. I think that is against forum rules.


None of these things invalidate the Mass, but that was a giant mess if that was how it was.


Although points 2 and 3 in the OP are minor, they’re still abuses. As for the rest, well, all I can say is that, IF indeed it happened as stated in the, there are VERY SERIOUS theological issues involved. Serious to the point that the validity of the Eucharist could, actually, be considered questionable.


go back and see if he regular makes those kind of errors…

It can’t be right that mother and daughter and all femaleness keeps being referred even if the Mass in itself is perfectly okay. Ask someone in the congregation who is a regular what he is meaning. Listen to their replies. If you remain concerned ask your own priest and let the matter rest with him. If he is concerned he will take it up appropriately and you need do no more. You will more than likely hear no more so simply trust your own priest at whatever decision he came to about it.

It was Baptism of Our Lord yesterday so that be possibly his way of handling the renewal of baptism part. Each to their own I guess whether right or wrong I wouldn’t know.

Whether or not the mass is valid I am not Catholic so wouldn’t know if those references make it invalid but you have answers here.


Write to the Bishop and report what you saw.He should be able to correct the priest.



I have been to this parish before as well. There was no mentioning of Mother or Daughter in regards to the trinity, but the prayers of the faithful went on forever. They read the petitions, and then passed a microphone around the congregation for everyone to add their own prayers.


The mass in not valid.

Do not let the word Catholic throw you off.

The things that you mention certainly are not in Communion with Rome and I would say they are using the term Catholic to draw attention to the Catholics, but what you described is not in context with any true roman Catholic CHurch.

Be at peace.

In His DIvine Mercy,
St Hilary


You may not like it, you may not agree with it, it may be a liturgical shambles, but you cannot just say it’s not a valid mass.

If the priest was validly ordained and intended to consecrate the species of bread and wine then it is a valid mass.

I can say for certain though that the baptisms weren’t valid!:wink: - you cannot baptize yourself.


If the consecration was validly done (correct matter and form) then the mass is valid, but VERY, VERY illicit.

I fear for that poor priest’s soul.

Based on the number (and type) of mistakes you mentioned that the priest made, it may be possible that he used invalid matter or form, which would render the mass wholly invalid.


Find out if the parish is on the Diocese’s website. Or call and ask the Diocese about the parish. There are a lot of churches out there that say “Catholic” on the front that aren’t really Catholic. Some of them are called “Liberal Catholic,” “Reformed Catholic,” or “Independent Catholic.” It sounds like there is a good chance that you went to a church like this. If after investigating, you find that the church is part of the local Diocese and therefore a “real” Catholic parish, you should tell the Bishop what you saw.



Their are many people who will deceive you.

As a Roman Catholic, when the priest implicated Mother in the introductory rite, it shouldl have raised a red flag. You have a free will.

But a true sstrong Catholic would say this is not a Catholic Church.

I was reasdsing about the Divine Mercy Fathers in Florida who had an ad, we marry and we marry homosexuals. Now because of this statement, doo you believe this is a true Roman Catholic Church?

God bless you


Slightly different question: does not follow the Church’s teaching does not sacramentally = invalid sacraments. That’s what canon law is for - to find (or impose) remedies in situations like this.


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