Is this masturbation?


I went on a forum and decided to play a forum game so to speak, then the instructions got arousing and even so, I still played the game, though I did get a degree of Arousal from playing said game and reading instructions. Is this considered masturbation? :confused:


If you were intending that arousal, then yes. If not, then it is most likely the sin of “curiosity,” which is basically the obtaining of images/experiences/thoughts that are “saved for later.”

Is this helpful?


I’d consider the curiosity almost half-and-half, I played the game largely for the sake of playing it, however I did also play it for a little bit of arousal


If you played it to experience arousal then it was a sin and could be serious if you knew it was wrong and did it anyways. I’d take it to confession as soon as possible. Tell the priest exactly what you told us. And avoid games that cause you to sin against chastity in the future. It would be an ocassion of sin and we are to avoid those if at all possible.

Hope that helps!


Curiosity is a generically venial sin but is a major disposition to mortal sin.

With a mixed motivation like you are describing, without actually climbing into your head or pressing you for minute details you probably couldn’t even describe, my GUESS is this is a venial sin.

Avoid it next time, but don’t freak out.


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