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I’m trying to figure out if this would be modest to wear… my family is planning a trip to the beach, and for the past couple days I’ve been trying to find a new bathing suit. My old one from before I became Catholic, is not modest I’m afraid. Well I ended up buying the most modest thing I could find in my budget, which is a “tankini”… It’s not tight… and I will wear it with shorts and I sewed up the top of it because it was a bit too low cut. Is a “tankini” with shorts appropriate for swimming at the beach? (the shorts aren’t extremely short). I should also say, there won’t be many people at the beach… and while I’m not swimming, I’ll be wearing a long dress, and when I’ll get out of the water I’ll wrap myself in a big beach towel. .

I’d appreciate any thoughts. I just feel weird wearing this because I always cover my shoulders and knees. I usually wear long skirts. But I don’t know how to do this for swimming, because I don’t have anything appropriate!

thanks :slight_smile:

In my opinion, any attempt at modesty on a beach is probably spiritually sufficient. Baring shoulders and knees while swimming is socially acceptable. Actually, I don’t think anyone finds the knee particularly arousing anyway. When you aren’t in the water, don’t “lay out” so everyone can admire your tooshie as they go past and I think you’re doing fine. If it still really bothers you, you can aquire some downright prudish swimwear on Mormon clothing websites. The only problem with this is that the money will likely go to Mormon ministry.

Thanks for the reply, well when I’m out of the water, I’ll probably be sitting in my beach chair reading a book :slight_smile: and then I’ll be wearing a long dress which covers my legs, and my shoulders will probably be covered too for sun protection. The only time I’ll be wearing the bathing suit is going in and out of the water, - and of course in the water no one will see me at all lol, only my head. :wink: but for some reason, it just feels strange to me wearing this bathing suit, - even though it’s modest as far as bathing suits go… I mean, everything else I found was way less modest imo (and the one piece bathing suit I tried on was way too tight, though not otherwise revealing). I’ll be wearing shorts too. But it still feels strange because of how i’m used to dressing. :shrug:

Definitely fine, especially since you will be wearing shorts. And I don’t think it makes sense to attempt to cover your shoulders at the beach.

You’re good. :thumbsup:

I saw this article that I found interesting :slight_smile:

The only thing I’d be concerned about is the type of shorts you are planning to wear and just how much actual swimming you plan to do in the shorts. Especially if the shorts are not swimsuit material.

thanks for the reply,

the shorts I’m planning on wearing are not tight and they are longer than typical shorts you see everywhere… they are more like board shorts (in fact I could just get those too). I like the idea of covering my shoulders but I haven’t been able to find anything for that. Maybe in the future I will. However, - this is only for the swimming part of the trip… while I’m sitting on the beach, I’ll be wearing clothing over my bathing suit like I said :slight_smile: I always do this anyway.

you know I wish sometimes that it was easier to find modest clothing!

I am considering getting board shorts because the fabric is more like what they use to make swimsuits out of… the shorts I have in mind now, they are not tight or short. But maybe board shorts are better just for the swimming part of it. :slight_smile: and they’ll dry faster.

If it was me, I’d definitely get the actual board shorts, made from material that is conducive to a swimming activity. I know its the ocean we’re talking about, but at our YMCA pool, if someone has a concern with modesty, the board shorts are the only type of shorts they will allow in the pool.

I HIGHLY recommend this site for board shorts

They are made in the USA, and come in 3 different lengths!

Also, in a pinch, hit the mens section for board shorts! Target has them for some $15 - 20 neutral colors.

then go buy a top that coordinates. 'Cause I’m even more concerned about skin cancer than modesty, I go for a rash guard… t-shirt, or even full sleeve. All the surfers where them. :wink: And they have UV in them!

Also, I recommend this site: 'cause you can burn through regular swim wear…

Good luck, and happy shopping!

I think it is also possible to buy shirts (at least for kids) that are made of swimwear material and provide uv protection… I think lands end had them for kids…not sure about for adults…
I think tankinis are great! And sometimes they are a whole lot more modest, especially with a skirt on top… I bought a tankini from lands end that had a matching skirt and it was very modest…

thanks, that makes sense :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice! I don’t really have time to shop online because the trip is in a couple days, but I’ll check out walmart for board shorts… I remember they had some that were the right length.

Okay I am feeling very discouraged… I just looked at this website: and I know that we’re not used to seeing these kinds of swimsuits much, but when I saw them, I thought - that is what I think stores would have sold, in a perfect world. I just feel it’s more pleasing to God to wear something like this, than what we typically see or wear.

I feel fine about board shorts because they have different lengths for them, but I’m feeling uncomfortable about the tank top… it’s not overly revealing or low cut, compared to other tankinis, but the back is uncovered and so are the shoulders… and I don’t know I’m just not used to wearing anything like that. I feel discouraged because I already bought the swimsuit today and I can’t give it back anymore. I dont want to offend God in any way… not sure what to do :frowning:

I know that maybe lots of people would tell me not to worry but I feel strongly convicted about modesty… maybe I should just buy a tshirt (made from the right fabric) and try my best to wear it, over the tank top I got? It would be sad to waste the money I spent on the swimsuit, but I need to follow my conscience. am I being scrupulous?


Get a burqa? (sp)

I dont know if your comment is sarcastic or not. We don’t have to wear burqas to be modest.

The recent link shows very nice suits but they are too much out of my price range.

I just wish there were modest choices in a price range I can afford. I try my best to be modest at the pool or beach but just about most swim suit choices expose a lot of cleavage no matter the size.

I am sure for those who are self conscious and/or trying to be modest when going swimming this summer may wear an old sleeveless tee over their suit top perhaps even with some type of shorts I know when I was younger, my mother had me and my sister wear tee shirts over our swim suits often in hotter weather to protect our backs and front of our selves as we enjoyed swimming a lot in summer.

Also, there are nice cover-ups in a variety of sizes and styles for those who do not want to parade around public places like a hotel going to and from the pool in a swim suit only.

Last trip to the beach what I wore was a tankini with shorts… :shrug: The top was basically the same as the one you described as well. If you’re still concerned with its modesty you could perhaps wear an old sports shirt on top. (that’s what I did. I just took it off before I went swimming.) Enjoy your trip. :thumbsup: Oh, and be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen! I just learned that the hard way. :smiley:

Monica… If you feel uncomfy with a tank… Here’s my suggestion. I do this, because I don’t want to burn.

Get yourself a tight tank, and OVER it, wear a woman’s sport t-shirt, or long sleeve. You can pick the degree of tightness… You can also shop the men’s dept.

These types of shirts have what’s called Technical Fabric. They are to wick away sweat…and so dry quickly, and don’t weigh you down in the water…

So, if you’re shopping at walmart you could select from these shorts:

I couldn’t find the right kind of t on line… but Champion makes cheap, wicking t-shirts… They are usually at Target… do you have one near by?

Don’t be silly! A person could never swim in that!

Thanks for your share. I just read it. The article is really pretty interesting. Hope you are all the best.:slight_smile:

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