Is this moral?


My husband works for a large computer company. This company has spent money justifying sin (homosexuality, abortio , etc). Is it immoral for my husband to work there? He doesn’t work in any departments that has anything to do with this stuff (he basically fixes other companies computers), but does this even matter? As a practicing Catholic, should he find a new job?

He could probably find a new job but it wouldn’t pay nearly as well. And we give much of his income to the Church…but is this acceptable or just me trying to justify it?


What do you mean by spending money to “justify sin?” An employee can only do so much to direct a company. As long as he isn’t making the decisions and proceeding into areas of immorality, then there is no problem working there (*this is based upon the presumption that the company itself is not one of immoral activities, such as producing porn, furthering the culture of death or some such other activity).


No Regina, your husband does not need to look for another job. Please don’t be scrupulous.


I mean that they publicly support sin and give money to Planned Parenthood and homosexual groups. My husband doesn’t participate in any of these company fundraisers of course. But, if my husband’s work helps contribute to the company’s success, that gives company more money to donate to immoral groups. See where I’m going? Am I taking this too far or are we sinning?


1ke: No Regina, your husband does not need to look for another job. Please don’t be scrupulous.

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1ke, I’m not trying to be “scrupulous,” but a friend just called me out on this today and I had never actually thought it a problem. I just want to verify this.

Thanks for the responses.


I think it’s a good question, Regina, but I think he’s o.k. unless he feels somehow that he needs/wants to leave.

I would consider: what is the company’s mission statement? And I doubt it is anything immoral. If they are making a good product for the consumer that is not inherently immoral, then be at rest.

Often an employer, the persons I mean, may not be models of virtue, or even very immoral persons in their behaviors, but one can still work there and be a light in the darkness and do their work well.

God Bless


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I would say that your husband is doing honest work and is not responsible for the public opinions of his bosses, even if those opinions are evil. He could certainly look for another job but is not obligated to do so.

Read this from Father Serpa on formal vs. material cooperation with evil:


Your husband does not need to look for another job.


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