is this morally ok

i own a business, and i needed a van real bad for work to deliver products. one of my workers was able to find a van for me, but you have to be a low income in order to be able to buy it. my worker said he would buy it for me(since he is low income) under his name and then transfer it in my name after two weeks for a small charge. is this morally ok.


If you even have to ask, you obviously know there is a problem with it. If you buy a van for your business, can’t you claim the expense from tax anyway? Not sure what your law is about that. If you are a new and struggling business, it might be one way to do things but I think it’s iffy. OTOH, we do what we need to survive without breaking the law these days :cool:

Situational ethics are always interesting. If it seems a bit underhand to you then you ought not do it.

st julie

If you own a business it would make more sense for you to buy a new truck. While profit is important for a company, expenses are also important. :thumbsup:

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