is this mortal sin?

sometimes I get in to situations where I seem to say something untrue without even meaning to.

for example, today at lunch, I was full but I still had food left so I just decided to clean up and not finish it. my mom was watching tv and asked if I was finished so I just said yes because I wasn’t planning on eating anymore. after the fact, I realized she might have meant if I had actually eaten everything, which I hadn’t. she usually doen’st like it when food isn’t finished but I wasn’t really thinking, I was kind of rushing since I had to leave the house.

it’s things like that, where I just say things without thinking and I realize that I might have lied without meaning to. or I know I should say something different but words just come out, it’s like I can’t even control it sometimes.

does this classify as mortal sin?

That doesn’t sound like a mortal sin to me.

No, it does not meet the requirements of deliberate consent or full knowledge.


I realized she might have meant

Since “are you finished?” is an ambiguous question, I don’t even think you lied, let alone lied about a grave matter.

Rather, I’d be more concerned that you are suffering from scrupulosity.

No, a mortal sin must consist of grave matter, and full knowledge and consent.

Your answer to your mom’s question about whether you were finished eating - even IF you deliberately lied (which it doesn’t even sound like!) - is certainly not grave matter.

I don’t even see it as a sin at all. Worry about avoiding real sins like anger, stealing, impurity, vulgarity etc.

The question was “are you finished?”
The answer “yes”. Because you were finished.
I don’t see the problem. :confused:
You’ve got to listen to advice given to you, angel. You just have to.
Have mercy on yourself. Get help for that scrupulosity. Otherwise it’s going to many years of self-torment. At some point your parents are going to need you more than you need them. You have to get things sorted out for your own good, and so that you may honor them in their elder years.
Do it for yourself if for nothing else.
You priest will help you.
There’s no time like the present.

No, it’s not a mortal sin. I don’t see it as any sin. If you were finished eating, regardless of whether something was left on your plate, you were done and so that was true.

Angel you are being scrupulous. l once suffered from this condition many years ago. It drove me almost to despair to the point where I even felt at times that God just wanted me to go to hell. I even had thoughts of suicide. The solution in my case was to go to confession often to the same priest , tell him I was scrupulous and needed his help. Then to follow his advice no matter what. If the first priest you ask for help does not move to help you try another, but do not keep changing just because you do not like or feel uncomfortable with his advice. :slight_smile:

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