Is this name evil?


I know this sounds odd, but when I created my Xbox Live gamertag several years ago, I titled it after a character in a game that was a fictional demon. Is something like that real evil?


Demons in fiction are no more equivalent to their real counterparts than angels.


So…does that mean change it? It costs money, so that’s why I wanna know if I have to.


Probably not. As long as you realize that real demons are not to be messed with, your fine. :wink:


I don’t think it’s evil, but if it really eats at you you may want to change it. :slight_smile:


What this guy said. Sorry if my first post wasn’t so clear. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah. I was worrying since I named my character off of Mehrunes Dagon from the Elder Scrolls series and worried since Dagon was apparently a real demon. My name only has Mehrunes in it though, so you think I’m safe?


If you named your guy an actual bibical or REAL occultic demon name then no, change it, but again you said you named it after a FICTIONAL demon. Dont name it after Satan or anything, that would be a sin, but if its fictional than no worries.


Anything in life that brings a demon to mind, whether it be fictional or not, is not to be considered, in my Catholic opinion. Not the name, not the game, nothing. There is enough evil around without you having to invite it closer with your thoughts. I pray God helps you, through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Apparently you haven’t played games were angels have done more harm than their demonic adversaries.

Besides, what good are holy names when even Satan can pose as an angel? Let’s not add to the OP’s scruples. :rolleyes:


What I said shouldn’t add to scruples because as you prove with your answer, what’s confusing people is not knowing what’s good and what’s bad. For instance, in games where “angels” – that is good angels that are God’s servants – do more harm than their demonic adversaries, you have a scenario where everything is turned on its head. Good is bad and bad is good. And about Satan posing as an angel, he’s more likely to fool you if you spend your time playing these types of games than reading Holy Scripture and doing your best to pick up your cross and following Jesus Christ (Matthew 16:24).

God bless you and the others,


Hey don’t got mad at me, I’m not the one saying that the Devil likes to put on wings and a halo. That’d be your exorcists. :rolleyes:

Oh and chastising me for playing games instead of reading the Bible? Yeah, like I haven’t seen those cause scruples before. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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