Is This New Age Literature?

We are deluged with thousands of periodicals, leaflets, handouts, magazines, and (the list goes on)… on a daily basis. New Age belief can be found in many different forms. I am no expert on recognizing New Age religion but my holy instincts sound off whenever something doesn’t sound right.
Recently, someone gave me this little magazine called “SCIENCE OF MIND” a guide for spiritual living.
I opened this magazine and on the inside cover was the CREED or the; “What We Believe”
at first, it didnt sound to bad but when I got the part that said;

WE BELIEVE that the Universal Spirit, which is God, operates through a Universal Mind, which is the law of God; and that we are surrounded by this Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thoughts and acts upon it…

My holy instincts started buzzing… I knew this was wrong but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. This is so typical of New Age religion. It’s a watered down and expanded version of the TRUTH which takes us away from the one and only TRUTH which is JESUS.

The thing that breaks my heart is that there are Catholics that subscribe to this type of New Age religion and they dont think anything is wrong with it :(.
Is this just me getting paranoid or am I on the right track?
Please comment if your familiar with this publication or if you just feel like commenting…

Thanks and Godspeed…LukeSr

Sounds like Scientology to me. Which is a cult.

Now, the serpent was the most cunning of creatures…

The evil one gives you 99% truth. It’s that 1% that leads slowly but surely to hell. He’s patient. He’ll wait.

Where are people randomly pushing magazines on you? That never happens to me. :confused:

The first way to identify New Age literature is to look for the name of the publisher. If it’s something like Paths to Consciousness or Universal Spirit Press (I just made those up), you can look further online. Anything that does not describe God as we describe God is suspect.

Hope this helps,

It does sound new-agey… I agree with Ed, anything that doesn’t describe God as God, probably has other errors as well.

Actually, it has nothing to do with Scientology. Scientology does not emphasize God or the Creator. Science Of Mind does. It IS New Age, though.

The “Science Of Mind” has to do with Ernest Holmes, who taught a type of Religious Scinece and wrote scores of books on “self-healing” decades ago.

Basically an offshoot of New Thought, which is a forerunner and concurrent to the New Age Age Emergence of decades ago. I still have one of his books. Thankfully, I’m no longer into this.

Basically Pantheism with Christian Underpinnings to it. Holmes was not afraid to quote Scripture (infact, his magnum opus, Science Of Mind, is littered with Biblical quotations) but underneath it all, it is still Pantheism and some Eastern Philosophy masquerading as “Christian Self-Healing.”

So yes, to answer the OP’s question, it IS New Age related.

Ed, you can be the guru of millions with those organizations! Appear on Oprah! I am not kidding. Sadly.

The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, started as a science fiction writer. Supposedly, he realized that to make real money he should start a religion.

There will always be a certain number of lost and confused people looking for some kind of guidance. And Oprah. Well, she may still have time.


Thanks for the clarification - I think I did maybe read of this group. Sometimes the New Age ones get mixed up in my mind…:stuck_out_tongue: And then your post made me think of Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science, though I don’t know if would be considered New Age or what.

edwest2, tax evasion is also helpful . . . not that I’m suggesting . . . :rolleyes:

Thanks everyone for their posts regarding this magazine. Ordinary Melkite, your response was the most clarifying…much thanks.
I am a caregiver to my ailing mom of 82 yrs old with Dementia and it was her “weekly home health nurse” who dropped off the magazine to me. She did so thinking I might be interested in advertising my newly published book in it. It was done, I want to think, in an innocent way but isnt it always that way when we are vulnerable? I, thank God, am solid in my faith and love Catholicism and it had no effect on me.
What’s particularly interesting is that when you come to my house, I dont exactly disguise the fact that I’m Catholic. Outside, there is a statue of the Blessed Mother and on the inside there are rosary’s here and there so she knew I am Catholic…go figure!!:wink:

Godspeed to all…LukeSr

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