Is this of grave matter?


This might be a stupid question, but is it of grave matter to speak in tongues voluntarily if one knows the ability is coming from a demon? I feel like it is, but is it?


Please talk to a priest. This question is quite disturbing.


I did. He told me it is not, but I have a hard time believing that.


I have a hard time believing that as well…with that said I would quit doing it, talk to a different priest who is trained in these matters and pray about this. I suggest sacramental and holy water but most of all find a priest and get this taken care of. This is nothing to be toying around with.


I know this is nothing to toy with, but I get these urges and sometimes I follow them. I try not to most of the time. I have asked different priests about this and aside from the priest who said it is not mortally sinful, none have answered me–not even the exorcist priests I asked. My feelings I get when I do it and common sense seem to tell me it must be a mortal sin and most of the time I believe that it is. I want to know if I’m wrong though.


How do you know the ability is coming from a demon?


It feels like it is. It feels like a dangerous spiritual drug and that in doing this, I am opening myself to demons. Back when I did this a lot, believing it to be okay, I started to feel VERY strong urges to worship Satan and that I was evil and belonged with him. Before it got to that point, I thought I sensed my guardian angel telling me I was doing something very dangerous. Also, very often when I have done this, I have used the word “Satani.”

When I get the urges to do this, I usually feel like it is coming from a demon and I think it actually always is since I’ve been told it’s very rare to have tongues from more than one source.


Well there you go, then. You’ve answered your own question. Doing something that causes you to want to worship Satan is grave matter. Stop speaking in tongues and be at peace.


Keep talking to your priest about this. Or another priest if this one is not helpful.

These are serious issues and you need to be in constant pastoral care, and as eightydeuce82 suggested, one who is trained in such matters.


Most priests don’t take this seriously–I guess because they don’t believe it’s from a demon. Only one priest ever took me seriously about this and he lives in another state.


Find a priest who takes YOU seriously. It sounds like you really ought to be meeting with a regular spiritual director. Anyone who thinks spirits - good or bad - are talking to them really needs to receive spiritual direction.

I suggest you call your diocesan office and say that you would like to find a spiritual director.


I agree with this post, ChibiViolet. We need to be able to discern when something like this is happening, and we need to be able to know whether or not it is either a positive experience, or whether or not it is something negative that is happening to us.


Thank you, but I know where this is from. From a very young age I have been sensitive to the demonic. I have a spiritual director, but he never has anything to say about this issue, except he had told me it’s “only a venial sin since I don’t know what I’m saying,” and that “it could be just my subconscious” even after I tried to explain to him how I know it not, but the issue is that in doing so I’m opening myself to demons and need to stop this in entirety. Until recently, I had stopped and I thought I had for good, but sometimes when already in a state of mortal sin, I will choose to do this because its interesting and I like the high from the demonic energy. Sometimes I will recognize some words and get a vague impression that what I am saying is blasphemous or words of Satanic worship. I prayed to God about it years ago and it felt like He was shining a flashlight at the ability, which felt like settling dust, saying “this is not from me, but a demon. All of it is from a demon.”

When I first began to have the urges to speak in tongues, I recognized at once they came from a demon and was hesitant to follow them, but when I did and began to do so on a regular basis, it made me feel physically ill if I went through a week not doing so.

The priest who took me seriously said this is a form of demonic attachment and said a deliverance prayer over me. I sometimes say deliverance prayers for myself, but other than that, I don’t think there’s too much I can do, but at least the problem is mild.


If you have a regular spiritual director, who are you asking questions here?

Go back and speak with him soon. If he is not helping you rid yourself of this “mild problem” of demonic attachement, perhaps you need to ask again to see a priest who is more specialised, such as the prist you mentioned who did take you seriously.

Or perhaps you are misunderstanding the advice offered by your director? One traditional approach for a spiritual director meeting with someone who believes they are interacting with spirits - good or bad - will be to instruct the person to ignore them altogether (even the good ones). This is the firm teaching of St John of the Cross. This may seem like they are dismissing your problem…which is exactly what you should do…dismiss any spiritual interactions.


He has nothing left to say about the matter; anytime I bring it up, he says nothing. He never told be to ignore it per se, but he doesn’t seem concerned by it. The other priest I think agrees with me that this is of grave matter. I’m simply going to try and not do it anymore and continue to ask God to make the urges stop.

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