Is this offensive?

Well, I suppose some could take it the wrong way. Personally, I am not offended (I got a little chuckle). But, I don’t have a problem laughing at almost anything so long as it is reasonably clean and in good fun. That’s just me. Does this seem like an attack on my faith? No, and thus I might find it slightly amusing (however, only slightly, I have seen much funnier church-related humor before).

Just acknowledge the fact that some here would take that as offensive. I tend to err on the side of caution in matters that could anger people but some don’t.

So, while it might be a bit edgy, I’m not particularly offended by it (and I do admit that it falls into the category of things that I might smile at, but kick myself for finding humor in)



if i offended you i sincerely apologize, but i could see the humor…

I thought it was cute:) I miss him:)

Look at it like this…Would JP2 have laughed at that image? He had the most beautiful sense of humor and a wit about him that rivals any stand-up comedian or actor or whoever. I think JP2 would’ve chuckled at it, maybe more so if he watched Star Wars before, but I am unaware if he ever did. But if he would’ve he’d have chuckled and we all know that.


p.s. I miss him too…but we got Pope Benedict VXI now…:smiley:

I thought it was funny, so I vote for not offensive.

It’s hilarious!

I don’t find it offensive, but I think it could be funnier if a known heretic was somehow put into the picture. As it is, it’s more of a Star Wars joke than a Catholic joke. Nothing wrong with that, but if the Pope is going to be used, I like to see a deep (and amusing) Catholic reference specifically inserted as well.

I did get a chuckle out of it, though :smiley:

Not in the least! It is not like Catholic popes are know for using the Holy Spirit to cause heretics to choke.

Of course that was John Paul, the Great. With Pope Benedict…?

I found it amusing (and that surprises who?) :smiley:


its not offrensive, this is why:

1.- i like star wars, (i already have my tickets for may 19 at12:01am, in cinepolis IMAX THEATHRE (CAN YOU GUYS IMAGINE STAR WARS IN IMAX)
2.- I love JPII the great.
3.-i put the picture as desktop, because it remains me of…WHAT IF I DIE AND JESUS TOLD ME THAT EXACT WORDS.

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