Is This Ok ?


This kind of attitude hacks me off as well.

We currently have 2 kids and we might not have any more. I’d like to have at least one more but we’re really strapped financially right now and it will take us a while to get it under control again. This year will be a tight one. Probably our own fault for buying a few things that we thought we really needed but could have bought a smaller less extravagant model. :blush: Lesson learned.

We are still comfortable enough to not need gov’t assistance. I would be SO embarrassed if I had to, I wouldn’t even tell my own mother let alone everyone at my church.

One of my brothers… and his girlfriend (whom I adore, I just wish they would get married) have a 2 year old daughter together and his girlfriend is on WIC and welfare and everything she can possibly get on. It makes me sick. When they got pregnant, they were going to get married then they said they were going to wait until after the baby was born because it would be cheaper. :mad: Now they’ve decided not to at all because he wants her to sign a pre-nup and he’s broke as heck and probably always will be. He’s got big ideas and lofty goals but NO motivation. He sleeps till noon everyday and maybe works a few hours. He’s self employed. He hardly gets any calls anymore because he never answers his phone and doesn’t clear off the voice mail so nobody can leave a message. His girlfriend just got her boss to fire her because she was convinced she could get paid more being on unemployment. Now she has filed for bankruptcy too and got her slate wiped clean.

She just got back over $3000 in taxes, has NO debt, is staying at home enjoying life and getting paid for it and doesn’t HAVE to look for a job until June. She’ll tell anyone in the world about it.

It burns me and my mom up something fierce. Sometimes, I’d just like to ask her to please go ahead and get a job because I’m tired of paying for her kids Happy Meals. :rolleyes: But other than that, I really do like her.

I remember one of the nurses out our hospital trying to get me to fill out a WIC application after I had my son. She couldn’t understand that I didn’t want to be on it. She said “Almost everyone gets accepted. It never hurts to TRY!” In my opinion, it DOES hurt to try.


i like ur attitude… if everyone thought this way, then the ones who really needed the assistance would get it much easier and faster!!!


Thanks! I only free-load when someone leave out a bowl of M&Ms or Hershey’s kisses. :smiley: But I’ll never take the last one.



If you had to confront them (this post is nearly three years old, so maybe you’ve moved on in life…) I would ask them what they would do if the welfare department disappeared tomorrow.

If they then had to get financial assistance from the parish, how would they feel relying on donations from their friends and fellow parishioners every week? Would they go around bragging about how they’ll be collecting that ten dollar bill you put in the collection plate?

Then, if pushed, I would suggest he or his older children find more work. I agree, it’s stealing and makes other large families look terrible.


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