Is this ok

I purchased something online and I have not received it so long story short I am going to search on Google and download what I purchased free since I paid for something I have not received.

Is this ok for me since I did pay for it and have not received it.


The incorrect response is to do something illegal and immoral like you are alluding to.

You paid for a product, you did not receive it, that gives you no right to steal it.

What you should do, is contact whoever you bought it from and resolve the issue by having them send you another one, or refunding you so you can buy it elsewhere.

Put another way,

If I ordered a 42" Flat Screen TV on Amazon, and it did not come. Would it be ok for me to walk into Best Buy and take one? After all I paid for it already right??


But this is not a tv. I bought a DVD workout set

Why is it ok to tape something on Television but yet what I paid for with my money does not arrive and I still cannot get it. I am just getting for what I paid for and that is it

Why can’t you get it from the person you bought it from or get a refund to but it elsewhere?

If you want to get pirated videos you are complicit and supporting illegal and unethical activity.

If you won’t steal the videos from the store, then don’t steal them off the internet.

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