Is this okay?

Is it okay for example a 30 year old man marrying a 31 year old women? Or does the wife have to be younger then the male?

This is not a matter of faith or morals.

In other words,

yes it is okay

No, I meant what I said.

It is not a matter of faith or morals.

The Church has no teaching on this. Answering “yes it’s OK” implies the Church does have something to say on the topic. Which it doesn’t.

The OP has asked a number of “is this a sin” type questions. So it is not for anyone here to say “yes” or “no”. It is for the OP to determine for him/herself or through spiritual direction with his/her pastor. The OP needs to learn how to discriminate between things that are a matter of faith and morals and those that are not.

My father-in-law was a few years younger than my mother-in-law. I was a few years younger than their daughter, my wife. If I marry my current girl friend I will be closer in age, but still younger.
All of us are/were Catholics.

Reb Levi

1ke is correct. Such a question will not be answered by the Church as it has nothing to do with faith and morals.

But as a logically thinking person, implying that an older woman marrying a younger man is morally wrong is quite absurd

I agree. I don’t know why anyone would ask such a question.

The question seems like a reasonable enough question to me. Perhaps TheHolyTrinity9 has elements in his or her cultural background that bring the question to mind. An aboriginal culture, for example, has a real possibility to have a concept that the woman should/must be younger in ordinary cases.

There is a rule in the Church about age and marriage, and it matters your sex, but it is not the rule you are asking about. Women must be at least 14 and men must be at least 16 to marry. That rule is subject to alteration due to where you live - the required ages might be higher. A Catholic is obliged to follow rules such as these.

There is no rule about a particular man being older than the particular woman he marries, though.

I’m just wondering that’s all. I dot intend to or anything I just want to get some input.

Whether you marry someone older or younger than yourself has nothing to do with faith and morals and consequently the Church has nothing to say on such a matter.

If it is not a matter of morality, it can’t possibly be a sin.

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