is this okay?

i do not know it his a liturgical abuse,but this Priest has been playing country music ,after homily.he even tell us the name of the artist and song’s message.i have never been to Mass anywhere,where secular music is played.the Bishop is aware if it,but he does not do anything,as this Priest has been in this church for decades …He even has his petdogs on the altar during Masses.Is this sacrilegious?

Dogs should never be on the altar. The bishop needs to hear about this.

The dogs on the altar during Mass is an extreme sacrilege. Jesus is standing on that altar during Mass. I remember a priest once saying that during Mass, the altar is the holiest place on earth because God is there. An altar is consecrated and should not be used as a normal table or hold pets.
The secular music isn’t the best thing either…it is a Mass, not a faith/music discussion group.

Complain to the bishop. He would have to be an extremely lax bishop if the dogs don’t bother him. Get any like-mined parishioners to also complain by letter, etc.

Dogs should not be on the altar. It sounds like the priest is doing his own thing with the country music messages. Personally, I would be going somewhere else, not just because of the flaky acitivity but because I dislike country music immensely.

I’d find a new Parish if the Bishop doesn’t do anything about it. Will pray for your situation!

Hang on a second. Nobody should be rushing to tell the Bishop anything. The OP should first give his priest the courtesy to talk to him to find why he is allegedly doing these things.
Then, and only then, if not satisfied, he should contact the Bishop about these matters with actual evidence (video, photos, or other witnesses to support the claim).

I second this.

The priest is certainly wrong to be doing these things, but concerned parishoners should certainly talk to him first, and give him a chance to fix any problems, before speaking to the bishop.

Do you actually means the dogs are on the altar, or that they are in the sanctuary or in a pew in Church? I’ve heard people refer to the sanctuary as being ON THE ALTAR. What a mess.

I third this. Often times, there is something that either the OP doesn’t know about, or there’s something that we misunderstand. Going first to the priest, more often than not, takes care of the problem without the same hurt feelings as going straight to the bishop. Trust me, I speak from experience.

thanks for all your responses.anyway,this priest was featured on USA Today in 2012,due to the presence of his dogs during Mass.On this weekend,I will provide the link to it.In that article,he stated that if there are newcomers in the church and will question him about this issue,he will tell them to look for another church,that has no dogs.He has been doing this for at least a decade.In the past, there were parishioners that have complained about this issue ,but to no avail .Previous and current Bishop are aware of this situation,but he seems untouchable .I do not want to tell him personally about it,as im sure he will just yell at me. He is very outspoken. He has more than 6 dogs,as reported in the article.I rarely attend service there,as it is not my parish and i just couldnt stand the country music ,he played after the homily.I must say though,that his dogs do not bark during services. he also stated that Jesus love animals.Yes,they do sit ,almost next to him on the altar.btw,he also placed a statue of a dog on the floor near the altar,before the church was renovated.i am sure that since they just moved back to a newly expanded one ,that he will possibly place it back ,as i didnt see it there.In that article ,they mentioned another priest and Methodist Ministers that do similar thing.One commentator said, that the Mass has gone to the dogs!


Mind providing a link as proof so we know you aren’t telling a tall tale?

I remember this priest. I think the best thing you can do is pray for him.

The power of Google:
Here or

And a stole over a chasuble, never a good sign!

No, that wasn’t hard. But it’s also not my job to find out if what you say is correct. Instead, it’s yours.

I would point the OP here. This is probably why no bishop or superior has really done anything, because there’s not a strong basis for him to do so, regardless of whether it seems prudent.

Oh? It’s my job? I didn’t realize that. I never asked if it was true or not. :slight_smile: People have questioned what exactly is happening, and instead of basing it on conjecture or gossip or lack of information, I provided it.

Mind providing a link as proof so we know you aren’t telling a tall tale?

Do you actually means the dogs are on the altar, or that they are in the sanctuary or in a pew in Church? I’ve heard people refer to the sanctuary as being ON THE ALTAR

More than one person is reading this thread…and there was confusion as to ‘altar’ versus ‘sanctuary’…I’m more than happy to share what I ‘googled’ for.

It’s whoever’s job it is that’s saying it’s true. Your post needs to strip itself of its rudeness. No need to patronize us simply because we ask the OP to clarify or provide the article. Additionally, confusion about where the dogs are located isn’t answered by any article you can provide as well as it can be by someone with personal experience, such as the OP. Instead of a sarcastic “How hard was that?” it would have been much better simply to have said “Here ya go.” That’s all I’m saying.

That’s interesting. I’m not sure what I would think of that. I do love animals, but it seems a little odd. I suppose he might be reaching a group of people that might not otherwise attend church, so maybe he’s doing some good, although in an odd way. OP, is there another church you can go to?

Considering I never said “How hard was that?”, but provided tools to show how to do it yourself, or if not, click on the second link for a direct link. It’s better to have answers available to have continued conjecture and misinformation (as in altar/sanctuary) before the OP could reply. Not everyone is available immediately to answer forum messages. I’d say that the article did provide information by someone with experience. The OP wasn’t available and there should be no problem with someone else providing the information. Perhaps I was rude and that was not the intent, but no more so than you were. If you’d prefer to discuss this further or further lessons on etiquette, perhaps it should not be in this thread. There are various ways to reach me, as per my profile. I only answer this here to defend myself publicly as you have directed this to me publicly. Thank you.

Sheesh, cool down. Talk about finding offense where none exists.

ccmcmg was being helpful and resourceful, and said nothing patronizing, rude, or otherwise negative. You, however, have done the opposite and have made a big deal out of something that was nothing at all. Just desist, please; it is derailing the thread.

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