Is this participating in sin?

I did not get many answers on my other threads

and catholic apologetics has conflicting information.

is it a sin to stay with family members who have immoral living arrangements? would you be condoning just by being there? obviously, we don’t avoid every sinner but I just don’t know if staying at their house makes it seem like we agree with them

thanks for any help


Maybe the reason you don’t get answers on your other threads is because you ask the same questions over and over and still don’t accept them.

The question should be; are you responsible for other people’s sins that you have no part of?

The answer is “no.”

in this case, there was a caf apologist who said that we would be violating our conscience and undermining authority of asking people who visit us to have separate sleeping quarters if we stayed at their house, despite their arrangements

another video said that we would probably ruin relations with our family members by not wanting to be in their home

when people who are experts on the faith disagree, I get very confused

I will probably get scolded for this, but when it comes to sinning, how about staying with a family that is always fighting and arguing? Would that be a sin because you know they aren’t getting along, and they yell and curse, call each other names, are very unpleasant and even have food fights at the dinner table?

If you get conflicting information from here, talk directly to your pastor about it and ask for a private meeting. He has actual authority that we forum posters don’t have. He can give you direction and you can follow it.

If someones living arrangement, home life makes you uncomfortable, then don’t stay there. Don’t try and ‘blame’ the church because there may be a sin involved on their part! Just be honest with them.

Maybe it’s because I’m not Catholic, but how does staying with someone who might be committing a sin translate into being a sin for you? I mean you’re not the one living in a sinful situation or engaging in the sinful behavior such as arguing with each other. It’s not like staying with them is in any way condoning what they’re doing. You can love the sinner while disliking the sin.


No. You have no control over what living arrangements they decide on for themselves. If you don’t like it you simply don’t stay there.

How much that situation affects your state holds water. If it impedes you in your spiritual growth or even diminish it, then there is a point to consider here, because we sin not only in what we do, but also in what we think, say and even what we fail to do.

A closer person, to whom you can be more open can be of more help, because the simple “yes” or “no” here might be misleading depending on the real situation one is having.

Yep, there are some who feel letting a sin go by without comment is a sin in itself. I’m more a pick your battles type guy…

No, you can’t stop others from sinning. You can say something to them, but you cannot stop an action from taking place.

Angel, get a Spiritual Director, and if you have one, speak to them about it. It will help you to work through your thoughts with someone who is better equipped to do so than we are.


yeah, that’s exactly it

Sounds like some people need to keep their own counsel and stop worrying so much about others. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” is a good passage to remember in situations such as that.


Don’t forget you too are a sinner. Jesus ate and drank with sinners. He didn’t flee. You don’t flee from sin. You confront it with righteousness.

And while you are confronting it with righteousness make sure that you fight not to lose the battle, because, for sure, it is one.

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