Is This Presumption


Sometimes, during Mass, when I’m wondering whether or not I’m in a state of mortal sin, but think it’s likely that I’m not, yet still fear that I may be wrong. During these situations, I may think something along the lines of, “I’ve worried about something similar before and chose not to received; I turned out to be wrong. If I investigate this further I’ll probably find that I’m not guilty, but if I’m wrong, i will be forgiven when I go to confession.” Is this line of reasoning okay? I ask because it sounds like using confession as an excuse to sin.


No, it is not presumption. It is more likely scrupulosity. Please continue to get spiritual guidance for this issue.


I will. On the bright side I no longer abstain from the Eucharist because of it :slight_smile:


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For future reference, if you are not sure whether or not it’s a mortal sin, it’s probably not a mortal sin. :slight_smile:


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