Is this really a Catholic website or a hoax?


There are so may websites out there that claim to be Catholic but (sometimes) it turns out to be false or just a joke. So, I was wondering is this a Catholic website or just another hoax?

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If this site is a hoax then I’ve been duped by all the wonderful advice, prayers and information here.

Of course this is a true, Catholic website and the best!!!:signofcross:


It’s a blog, but she is a nun by what I can tell, you should just write and ask. I scooted around and she is on target, funny and has good post. There is a Fr that posted and another post thanked him for telling her to go to this blog. I clicked on her photo and it says Aunt Martha, but she can be an aunt and a nun…I ran across it before but didn’t look around much… I will now…she’s a hoot and smart! Read the comments…one guy said, though I don’t often listen to you…etc etc.
She replied
I thought it was funny! An old nun that sounds like my grandma Pearl did. She just knew it and said it and we believed it.


If you doubt this then ask the priests on this web page. It is an authentic web page. I don’t believe someone would go through the trouble of creating a web page just to dupe people.
It says the words trusted website at the bottom of the pages when you log in I do believe.Just ask the priests. They wouldn’t have a copyright or priests on this site if it weren’t.


Sorry, I got the wrong end of the stick again.


Thank you to each and everyone who provided me with an answer. Anyways, the reason why I doubted her website is because when I went to “View my complete profile” it states,
“terrorizing children” and yes she does have some wonderful advice to offer.


Yes, I realize this is old but I read on a few other blogs that the “Ask Sister Mary Martha” blog is a hoax.

Now, I’m not saying that it is a hoax I’m just saying that I read it is a hoax.

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