Is this remote cooperation?

  1. We live in Britain and by law, we have to pay tax to watch TV. Our priest already knew that Philip Pullman is very anti-God, anti-church. There was a show by the BBC called His Dark Materials and so, our priest watched it to give his opinions for last night’s homily.

I’m sure that he pays tax (by law), so is his cooperation with evil (having a show that is subliminally anti-church) remote?

  1. I watched an episode of The Witcher, however, I specifically selected an episode that did NOT contain nudity or extreme graphic violence. I had a subscription to Netflix, but was my cooperation with Netflix remote as well?

Based on posts you’ve made in the past and the nature of this one, it appears you may suffer from some form of scruples. Please seek offline help by talking to a priest and don’t make posts like these. We cannot help in this case.


Why can’t you help me?

There are a lot of Catholics who struggle with scruples and want to be in a state of grace at all times.

Why can’t you offer your insights?

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Those with scruples need assistance from clergy, who have experience with those needing spiritual care and have far more knowledge of morality and theology than the average layperson. In addition, one needs offline help because only a face-to-face meeting can truly ensure that the correct judgement is made.

I’m sorry we can’t help, but this is simply not something we are qualified or able to do.


You need to talk to your pastor. Scruples need long term spiritual guidance from someone trained to assist scruples.

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