Is this sacrilegious?

Today I went to Confession, and did what that entails. This time, I was confessing a sin that happened 3-4 years before that I didn’t remember confessing(So it had already been forgiven). I mentioned what I remembered of it. However, I don’t remember if I forgot to add something to the explanation. At best, I forgot(which means it’s fine) and at worst, I didn’t mention it because I didn’t deem it important. For information, the sin was something that happened on the Internet, and the thing I might not have mentioned is that I consented to doing the online sin. With my fear of mortal sin and the idea that “Lying in confession is a mortal sin”, I’m wondering if I committed another mortal sin.

If I was analyzing this for someone else, I’d say it isn’t a mortal sin, considering I don’t remember if I even remembered this fact while confessing it, as well as omitting this fact isn’t distorting the action committed and isn’t really important. Since I’m emotional over it right now(as this happened a few hours ago and this always seems to happen just after confession), I decided to open it up to some anonymous advice.

I will either do one of two things(at the moment), based on your responses. I’ll say a prayer and forget about it, or I’ll go to Confession next week and confess to sacrilege(I received after Confession, so that would make it two if this fits the bill).

In prediction to your posts, I’m trying to lower the amount of times I go to confession(to once a month/when necessary), I’m trying to lower my scruples on certain sins, I have talked to my priest about scruples, he is my regular confessor, I only really have issues like this after confession, not on a regular basis:)

Since you have scruples the BEST thing you can do is talk to your regular spiritual director.

The only time I can really meet with him in person is during confession, so if it comes to it, I’ll send him an email about it. I don’t think I’ve committed sacrilege, but I put it here since I’m not a good judge right now.

As per this response, I emailed my priest, who told me not to worry about it. He told me it didn’t sound like I hid anything out of embarrassment or something, and suggested not to analyze it.

I will listen to this advice, despite my inner protest that I’m justifying sin because I’m choosing not to remember. It’s times like these where I wish I had an instant decision replay:shrug:

As a priest, I assure you of my prayers. I am glad you write that you have a regular confessor; he is the best – indeed properly the only one – to help you. Trust him.

It well appears, from what you write, that you are in very good hands indeed with him.

May the Lord heal you. God bless you.

if you confessed that you committed a particular sin, that implies that you consented to do it.
You don’t have to spell that out. Admitting the sin in Confession, and being sorry, resolving to avoid doing it again is what is needed. That you did.

The Lord is very pleased when you obey your spiritual director. If he says to confess monthly, it is wise to wait until your next scheduled Confession to discuss any lingering doubts from previous Confessions.

Obedience is key when you are recovering from scrupulously.

God bless you and continue to work with your director.

Do not go on internet sites looking for advice like this. You admit to a certain scrupulosity which is evident in the convoluted over analysis that ends up exactly where you want it, internally tortured by a two year old sin. Speak only to your priest. He knows you. He guides you. You need no other advice from strangers. Let him lead you in your obedience to his guidance out of this mental torment. All I will do is pray for you as your scruples are a sign of your strength of love for your God. What love He must have of you in your pain for Him in return. On second thought, you pray for me.

Reveal your soul to the priest, and he will take care of your soul alright.

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