Is this show moral or immoral?

Hey Guys,
I'm His Princess and I really really like watching 21 Jump Street. A few months ago, I saw an episode (can't remember the title) in which Det. Judy Hoffs went undercover in a high school and a girl tried to kiss her. Later on, Jusy told her that being a homosexual was not a sin. I was very surprised, but still continued to watch the show, because I like Johnny Depp and cops. Because of this one episode, is the program moral or immoral? I mean, should an entire show be wrong because of 1 episode. Please help:confused:!
His Princess

This instance of this episode seems ok to me...but I guess it depends on the context it was used. It's important to realize that we shouldn't look down on people for their urges, but for their actions. Being a homosexual can be different than doing homosexual acts.

At the same time, I'm not sure of an entire series, or an entire show, can be considered immoral if one episode had one bad line in it. Maybe someone else more knowledgable knows this.

If one was to not watch a show because it said something against our Faith we wouldn't watch much. I wouldn't write off the show as long as you're firm in your beleifs.

Yeah I agree. One episode doesn't make an entire show immoral. Those couple of things doesn't even make the whole episode immoral. I like all kinds of shows and movies that have some questionable things mixed in with lots of good stuff, and I've always tried to use discernment about how much is too much, and what the overall theme is.

And 21 Jump Street is such a fun show!

I'm a believer that a show's morality must be based on it's entirety. Afterall, we ourselves are going to be based on not just one moment in our lives, unless that moment was so grave and beyond redemption.

You can't judge a show on one episode, unless that one episode was so irrevocably offensive, demeaning and blasphemous that it couldn't make up for anything else it did. '

I also say look at the theme. A program may contain something immoral to show you a greater message. One of my favorite shows could be called immoral because the lines between good and evil are so blurred, you don't really know if there IS any goodness, until you get to the end and realize the entire theme of the show was realizing when you are in a sea of immorality and have to suck it up, do the right thing and change it.

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