Is this sin of impurity? (O


I’m going to try not to be too graphic, but I’ve never seen this particular instance anywhere on CAF or on the net, so I don’t know what to think about this. Let’s say a person has struggled in the past with same sex attraction and sins of impurity with self but has overcome these things by the grace of God and has been living a chaste life for the past two years. Let’s say this person is at a church function and suddenly becomes aware of her own “scent” and is horrified and tries not to think about it and is easily distracted because of the activity around her. But then she gets home and starts to obsess/worry about the physical arousal she is experiencing from a scent she cannot avoid smelling. There are a few times when she thinks the sin is pleasant, but she does not desire to do anything impure and does not entertain any specific thoughts or even HAVE any specific thoughts. Just the thought that the smell is pleasant and the resulting physical arousal but at the same time she wishes it would all go away.


I accidentally submitted the above post while I was debating whether to submit it or not. Then I tried to delete it b/c I thought it might be too graphic, but it was too late. I am very sorry if it is too graphic, and if it is I hope the administrator will remove it. I don’t know if this is mortal sin or venial sin and if I need to confess it, how in the world would I confess it? I feel like I COULD have tried to distract myself better than I did, but instead I dwelt on it/ obsessed about it. I worry that I enjoyed it a few times, even for a few seconds.


Just go confess it, Christ always forgives when we are contrite.


There are many grey areas about sin. As you describe the situation, it dosent’ sound as tho you caved in to any serious sins. Usually when a person commits a serious sin they know they committed a serious sin. If in doubt then usually it is at most a venial sin. This is what at most it sounds like. But if it bothers you and is hanging on, then mention it in your next confession to shake it off. Venial sin is forgiven in reception of Jesus in Holy Communion.

Be a peace.

“God is love, let heav’n adore him.” (hymn)


Should I refrain from communion this evening until I can go to confession? I struggle with OCD and scruples and I have difficulty discerning venial and mortal sins.


The advice usually given on the forums for people dealing with scruples is to seek out a
priest to help you.


You are fine, go to communion tonight, confess when u can, so you won’t be worried any more!


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