Is this sin or Scrupulous


Hello, it’s another one of those questions:
I was on the Internet doing a quiz for my work to achieve this star, if you get 90% you get a star. I tried the 1st and 2nd time and came up short and looked through the site for help with the answers (related to work) I then thought of going to google, I typed it in but felt it was wrong to try and find the answers or help so I stopped. Is this a sin?


Why would using your initiative to learn something be a sin?


Yes, you are being scrupulous. Have you started counseling with your priest for this as has been suggested a number of times already? You aren’t going to get better until you get help. You cannot come here and ask if every thought passing through your head is a sin.

Thinking about something and then not doing it is in no way sinful. We can’t even say for certain if actually using Google in this case would have been sinful-- i.e. cheating. You didn’t state anything regarding the directions or parameters of this quiz. It seems it was an at-home quiz, or some kind of independent study. Did the directions say it was “closed book” (i.e. you cannot use any materials), did they say it was “open book” (meaning you can use other resources to find answers), or were there no directions at all? This matters. If it was a test you were supposed to do with no help or resources, you were correct to stop and not use Google.

You also don’t say the rewards of getting a “star”. Is it a grade or is it simply self-satisfaction? If so, how does looking up the answer when you don’t know it give you satisfaction of achieving a “star”? If your motivation is just to get the “star” even if you don’t know anything at all-- then I would say you need to reflect on the real purpose of education, which is to learn and not to get “stars” from a computer program.

The correct course from the learning perspective would have been to stop, go back and study more on the ones you missed, then take the quiz again without help. Typically this kind of quiz is a self-check to help you identify what you don’t know so that when you get to the final test you will be prepared. Just doing the minimum for the correct answers circumvents this learning process and only hurts you in the long run.


Please, relax and enjoy your youth and School!**


I think it would depend on the quiz. If you are expected to have the answers memorized and not use outside resources, then it would be a sin. You would be cheating on the quiz. It’s perfectly fine to look up answers before or after taking the quiz but not in the middle of it. During a quiz, I think you would be expected to have the material memorized. This would only be venial sin though. As 1ke said, you should speak to your priest on this if you still aren’t sure.


agreed, also I know for some work I have had, you take a quiz and you have to have a certain percentage to pass and if you do not have to re take it… with those you are allowed to look at answers and take the quiz because it is something that you must know. (a learning experience rather than testing of knowledge) If it is like that, then not a sin.


The Star program gives you as many chances to achieve a 90% average in the work place, it’s not required to do at the time but it’s great to test your knowledge and achieve a profession in the 5 work places.


I had the same thing happen to me. I was taking a quiz at work for some online training. I had gotten all of the answers correct (as you answer them they let you know if they are correct or not). The last question was asking for the correct emergency number to call in case of emergency. The last one looked familiar so I looked it up in my contacts on my phone and chose that one because it was the correct answer after all. I probably shouldn’t have done that, but I wanted to get through this training as fast as I could. It’s really a yearly review of “what to do in an emergency type situations”. It’s not a test that you get graded on or would help you get a promotion or anything. I felt bad afterwards for doing that, but then I thought it might be too scrupulous of me to think that way. Like I said the quiz is more for review, you don’t study for it and prepare for it like in school. Any thoughts on this anyone?


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