Is this sinful?

Is it sinful to have my birthday party on Sunday if it means doing extra housework?
I’m very confused as to what kind of work and for what purpose(s) may be done on Sunday. I know that work is allowed if out of necessity, Charity, and/or the Glory of God, but what about in this situation? The party is already planned for tomorrow, and I need to know if I should insist that it be cancelled? And is it sinful if I do housework tomorrow when my parents tell me to? I don’t want to refuse to help clean up and get ready but I also don’t want to offend God. And I don’t want to be like the Pharisees in the Old Testament who cared only about rules, and my mom said that I was acting like that when I asked her about it. (My parents and I have had arguments about this in the past).
Please pray for us and please respond ASAP.

what is your Means to existence and being?

To explain not working on Sunday, in the early times of Jewish religion it was recognized that one has to work hard and diligently in the world to sustain oneself, yet God calls us to recognize him on one day a week, to stop, and recognize God as our true means…

So if it comes to be that you have to work seven days a week, to get ahead and you have no time to stop and put God first one day a week, then your work not God has came to be your means.
yet common sense dicates the Cows have to be milked, the chichens feed, and the meals prepared… but its still a day that puts God first, not our daily work.

but dont forget obedeance and honor your Parents either. and to make sure they and you get to church,

Apologize to your mother and do what she asks you to do.

No, it’s not sinful to celebrate your birthday on a Sunday. It is a Feast Day after all.

You’re not doing menial and servile work, because it’s not in the service of someone else, it’s in your own service.

Relax and enjoy yourself.

Since it’s already planned I’d say it’s probably ok to continue with.


It’s not selfish work, such as putting in some overtime just so you can buy a new toy. And it’s once a year. Maybe a few extra prayers…

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