Is this sinful?

Is it sinful to use the free email service of an company that supports a a third party proabortion website? And whose executives have suposedly given money to proabortion organizations?
Do I need to change my email to avoid them making advertising money off me?

Probably not.

No, it is not sinful.

When weighing whether or not one should patronize a business/organization that supports/sells some kind of objective evil (abortion, pornography, etc.) it’s helpful to know the distinction of traditional moral theology’s between formal cooperation with evil and material cooperation with evil. Formal cooperation is when a person’s cooperation is necessary for the evil activity to continue and/or the person’s involvement exists intentionally to assist/support the evil. Material cooperation is something practically everyone is involved in, often without even knowing it. With material cooperation one is supporting the evil, but the evil does not depend on the person’s involvement in order to continue. Paying taxes to the IRS where a small percentage will got to fund abortion is an example of material cooperation. Buying a produst that gives to Planned Partenthood is another example. Material cooperation can also be either mediate or remote. In your case it sounds like pretty remote material cooperation. Formal cooperation with evil is always objectively sinful. Material cooperation can be a venial sin if there exist other reasonable options, but they are not pursued. As an example, I am currently renting space a few hours a week for business purposes from a church that teaches that homosexual marriage is a good thing. Had I been aware of this I would have avoided them, but I had already set up business at the location upon learning this. I then went about searching the area for another church from whom I could rent space. None were available; I’ve exhausted my options. I do not consider my staying there a sin because it is a remote material cooperation and I have no other reasonable options since I need the location to help support my family. Another example: I need to get milk and the only place that is close by is a convenient store by sells pornograghy (got this example from a moral theologian). The purchase of milk is a remote material cooperation with evil, but not sinful as it would be too burdensome to drive a significant distance for the milk.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. What you said was good, but if you use paragraphs, it’d be much easier to read.

Good advice.

why not change the email provider anyway? - LG?

unless it’d be too complicated to change

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