Is this site a sede...


vancarist (sp)…kosher or what? Need to know for our prayer goup and time is of the essence…thank you…:slight_smile:


What site are you referring to?


Oops forgive me :o …here it is: The more I read it the more I think it is…and also I think that the locutions received by St Gertrude were banned but her prayers were okay…maybe you can help…time is not on my side…:frowning:


Conspiracy theories that are laced with innuendos and unsupported claims. Poor scholarship that thrives on suspense and adrenaline - not logic.

I read through half of it and gave up. I’m pretty traditional, but this site is too much for me. Over the top.


Well I did not feel good about it either…especially when Jesus threated to do something if people scoffed at the oration…wow…


It appears that it is indeed a sede group. They seem to be part of the SSPV, a schismatic group that broke away from the SSPX. Here is the SSPV site.

Deo gratias,



Thank you Kelly…:thumbsup:


The locutions were to st brigitte not st gertrude…sorry…must be having a bad day…:o


I actually got a small pamphlet about that particular devotion at our FSSP church. The devotion is good, the group presenting it, not so much.


I have this letter in two of my older prayer books, from non-sedevacanti publishers. It’s been handed down through quite a few centuries. I believe it was approved by Pope Leo XIII according to one prayer book I possess.


Ok, I see you found who the devotion was given to, three saints. Fwiw, my family practices the devotion daily to the drops of blood Our Saviour lost during His Passion and Death.


But the promises were questionable and not encouraged at all by Mother Church, right…?


I love the devotion too. It is in my pieta, and I keep a copy of the letter in my wallet. (I am really scared of drowning. :stuck_out_tongue: )


They seem to be part of the SSPV, a schismatic group that broke away from the SSPX.


Do you think they are “schismatic” because they “broke away” from SSPX…or from “Modernist” Rome? Just curious.



The site(s) aren’t SSPV affiliated. The site(s) are “Siri-vacantists,” believing that Cardinal Siri was the real pope when he was alive.


I was referring to the schism between the SSPX and SSPV as the article I read referred to them as breaking away from SSPX and creating a schism between the two. I am of the Roman Rite and participate in the NO, but I was not taking a stab at SSPX. :slight_smile:


Sedevacantist sites typically promote a great deal of religious piety and devotion in their sites (actually its a good thing) but on the other hand, they have an unusual obsession with alleged masonic and satanic infiltration of the Vatican, and various other conspiracy theories.

Catholics should be more discerning in viewing purportedly Catholic sites.


My impression is that not all sedevacantists are affiliated with the SSPV, although the latter is certainly the best known group. In any case, by strict definition, so-called Siri-vacantists still fall under the sede category.


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