Is this site orthodox, or wold my money be going to rad sedevacantists


I don’t like the kookiness in the introduction, but it sounds promising, this site. An original 1610 - the archaic language would be a great compliment to my Haydock Bible.

They offer downloads that I could save up for!

However, the kookiness and saying that the Douay-Rheims Challoner is corrupted? Would my money be going to a radical sedevacantist group? Or even something more mainstream sedevacantist like SSPX? If so I won’t bother saving up.


So I looked at the site, and here’s my hunch. I don’t think sedevacantist. What I DO think is that these guys got hold of an old text, in the public domain (not protected by copyright), and have ginned-up a whole rationale as to why that text is supposedly more authentic than those used by and approved by the Church for hundreds of years. And they seem to be selling it for big money. Put another way, they seem to be a Catholic version of King-James-onlyism. One of their key arguments seems to be that the name “Christ” has allegedly been “removed” from the traditional Douay-Rheims. In looking at their examples, they seem to base their argument on their allegation that every occurrence of the word or variant on “christos” (which means “anointed”) should be translated as the proper name “Christ,” instead of “anointed one,” “my anointed,” etc. I’m assuming that Biblical scholarship would not hold to that view.


I’ll stick with the Haydock Bible.


There is no site I’m sure you mean .com and not .org. is registered to Dr William von Peters in Chattanooga, TN. Dr. von Peters is a self-describe “Alternative Medicine Specialist” who advertises his services as “The Real Alternative Medicine.”

Real douay-rheims? Real alternative medicine? He says that he is an Admiral in the Nebraska Navy. :confused: He tends to embrace things outside the norm, that’s for sure.



:thumbsup: Like!


A few years ago, I ordered a copy of the New Testament that he had for sale. It was nice to have. That said, I also agree with what others have said. Certainly the site is odd, to say the least…(I absolutely love the Douay-Rheims Bible, but I don’t agree with any type of “Douay-Rheims onlyism”, least of all the kind he promotes.)

That said, if you want access to a facsimile copy of the original Douay-Rheims, and are not bothered by the old spelling and typography, etc., it is available on the Internet at various places. For instance, I noticed that someone had uploaded it to Internet Archive (though I seem to remember thinking that the person who did seemed to be “kooky” themselves). That said, the Bible itself is good to have access to, and so I decided to make a page that links to each individual chapter of the Bible on there, for easier navigation:

Original Douay-Rheims Bible

Also, there are places where you can order facsimile editions of it as well in print (like

Of course, if you wish it only in more modern spelling, etc., the only place I’m aware of for that is the place you originally mentioned.


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