Is this slackloth?

Alright so there are basically basketball trials that I can go to but in all truthfulness I don’t want to go for a few reasons. I haven’t played in a while and probably a bit rusty. Some of the good basketballers are some jerks sometimes and overall most of the people I’d say who would trial would be better than me? Is this slackness if I go?

I don’t understand your question.



If I understand what you are saying, you don’t want to look like a jerk in front of the jerks who play good ball. Can you pick up a game beforehand to get in some practice? Go. Try. Play your best. Be humble, lest you be considered a jerk by someone who doesn’t play as well as you.

It’s more I don’t want to be bullied as such by the jerks. I just don’t want to try out in fear of them plus my skills were never truly good to begin with to be honest.

Just skip this activity and go for something else.
Not everyone is an athlete…I certainly never was…


I talked to my parents about the issue and they don’t approve I’m me going to try out for it since they know that the people aren’t the very ‘nicest’ of people so instead I’m gonna work hard and go for Soccer next term since majority of my friends play it :slight_smile:

Good for you. I’ll say a prayer for you, and thanks for teaching me a new word, slackloth.:slight_smile:

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