Is this sloth?

Iif you already fulfilled your obligations, or have very few that can wait, and you still got plenty of time, would it be sloth if you don’t find anything else to do? or as long as you fulfill what you are obligated to you are not sining?

Most Australians are dammed! We have a term called living. It is like Manana but without the sense of urgency that the word implies in Mexico.

How do you mean you don’t have anything to do!? There is always something to do, if not, rest. I doubt that there is a moment where you stare blank at the walls. If it happens get a book, read, meditate on eternal truths, learn something new. Just don’t spend time in inactivity, because the mind goes nuts, and possibility for sin arises. Again, if you really have nothing to do, get some rest. I think it’s sloth when you say: I’m bored. I have nothing to do. Though it’s not a sin in itself, it can lead to a variety of sins. So, always be on guard. God bless!

I forgot. I am not to say anybody is damned even in complete jest. Sorry. Any other Aussies who are worried about their souls would recognise that we are already in Paradise, we just completely lack Christ, to our eternal shame as a country.

Traditionally, Christians have set aside one day of the week for rest. :wink:

We are not required to be busy, busy, busy all of the time. In fact, I think it can be detrimental to approach our lives that way, and especially dangerous for our spiritual growth. If we are approaching attending Mass and saying our prayers as simply checkboxes to mark every day, we’re not doing it right.

Of course, this isn’t an endorsement of time-wasters. Hitting refresh on your Facebook news feed every 20 seconds isn’t the same as enjoying an afternoon nap or watching a sunrise/sunset.

You don’t need to work every single minute of the day. We need rest to recharge our batteries, so we can continue to do work the next day with few mistakes. If you find you have tons of free time every day, enough for rest and then some, you should look into volunteering at your church or in your community. Give more to God with some of that free time if you don’t need it.

The sin of sloth is not relaxing, or the absence of something to do, but rather spiritual laziness and apathy. Not pursuing God, or being apathetic about him, is sloth. Kicking back and relaxing is not.

but i’ve read it also has to do with earthly obligations, just google sloth catholic on google and you’ll see, here on CA it says:

Sloth encompasses all these ideas and more. In his Pocket Catholic Dictionary, the late Jesuit Fr. John Hardon defined sloth as “sluggishness of soul or boredom because of the exertion necessary for the performance of a good work. The good work may be a corporal task, such as walking; or a mental exercise, such as writing; or a spiritual duty, such as prayer.”

hence my doubt, since it seems like even if you have not the obligation to do such good work, it would be sinful to not doing it because you don’t feel like it, because you would not be doing that benefical thing.

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