Is this some kind of a joke?

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Greenland is the world’s largest island and an autonomous Danish dependent territory with limited self-government and its own parliament. Denmark contributes two thirds of Greenland’s budget revenue, the rest coming mainly from fishing.

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It is sometimes hard to tell, but I am going with yes.

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The question is: “Who was the jokester”?

It’s ridiculous. How would the US manage such a purchase? We already have more debt that we can ever repay.


Greenland has said it is “not for sale” following reports that US President Donald Trump has spoken about buying the world’s biggest island.

The president is said to have discussed the idea of purchasing Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory, during dinners and meetings with advisers.

But Greenland’s foreign ministry dismissed the idea, saying: “We’re open for business, not for sale.”

Mr Trump’s reported plans have also been quickly dismissed by politicians in Denmark. “It must be an April Fool’s Day joke…but totally out of [season]!”, tweeted former Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), which first reported the news, said Mr Trump had spoken about the purchase with “varying degrees of seriousness”.

Sources quoted in other media differed over whether the president was joking or seriously hoping to expand US territory.

The White House has not commented on the reports.

Joke or not, Greenland isn’t too happy about the idea.


With the current resident in the White House nothing is certain. :slight_smile:


Their response was perfect. He’ll throw a Twitter temper tantrum, then some other shiny thing will catch his attention for a little while.


OMG, I certainly hope it’s a joke. Or maybe he wants to buy it for himself with his own money? I’m not sure even Bill Gates could afford it though…


According to another website reporting on what the WSJ said (i cant read the actual article without paying) in 1946 Truman offered to purchase Greenland from Denmark for $100 million and in in 1867 the State Department explored buying both Greenland and Iceland. While i do not want the US buying Greenland, apparently it is not some new crazy idea that has never been proposed before.


Why would this be joke?

Louisiana purchase from France 1803
Gadsden Purchase 1853 from Mexico
Alaska 1867 from Russia

Greenland from Denmark 2020? Who knows.

There are also a whole lot of territories own by the U.S. like Guam, Philippines, Puerto Rico and much more.


As I understand it, Greenland is not particularly thrilled about belonging to Denmark in the first place. I can’t imagine the people there being happy or accepting of being bought by the USA. I read this Guardian article earlier, in which Greenland and Danish political parties responded to the idea:

I found this section particularly interesting:

Aaja Chemnitz Larsen, an MP from the Inuit Ataqatigiit party, Greenland’s second largest, said the response was “a ‘no thanks’ from here”. The island was not “a commodity that could be sold”, she said, and it was “tremendously uncomfortable to hear it discussed in such terms”.

Larsen told the Berlingske newspaper it would be better all round for Greenland to stay with Denmark and eventually be granted full independence. “If we were bought by the US, our welfare system would be dismantled and fundamental changes would be made to Greenlandic society,” she said. “We’d be crushed.”

There is a large majority of support for independence in Greenland, although little certainty about how the country would survive without funding from Denmark.

Larsen said a majority of Greenlanders “clearly think it is better to have a relationship to Denmark than the US in the long term.” Trump’s reported interest in the country was not flattering, she said, because it was “Greenland’s geostrategic location that he’s interested in. Not the country itself, or Greenlanders.”

I think it highlights clearly why any idea of the US to buy Greenland is jumping the shark, to be frank.

I suspect now after all the backlash and ridicule, Trump will say he was joking (whether or not he actually was) and turn on people for not realising he was joking (whether or not he actually was).

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I would like to see us do it. We have to defend it anyway. But if it’s not possible, it’s not possible.

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So if this story is to be believed, Trump has plans to make America an expansionist power once again for the first time since the annexation of Hawaii in 1898?

It had not occurred to me that a continent-sized country such as the USA needed any more territory and I should think that the Greenlanders would be the only ones entitled to have the ultimate say over the sovereign control of their land, along with Denmark as it’s present sovereign.

Land belonging to, and long settled by, an established population, cannot be “bought and sold” as in the old colonial days. Every nation is entitled to self-determination and nothing makes me think for a minute that Greenlanders have any desire to become an unincorporated territory of, or a state within, the US.

The idea is positively unhinged. I hope it’s nothing but salacious rumour or a tasteless joke.

Where is he getting the funding from?
He made a political promise to eliminate the national debt.

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I think it’s probably satire.

I bloody well hope so.

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In other words, not all that dissimilar to what the UK’s fate will be post-Brexit - once we’ve signed a trade deal with the U.S.

Perhaps Trump will proceed, following the “Greenland Purchase”, with a wholesale buy-out of the island of Great Britain as his next territorial acquisition.

He could transform England’s green and pleasant land into one huge golf-course. Just think of the business and Real Estate opportunities. And he could build tons of poor quality casinos up-and-down the country like he did in Atlantic City, only on a much grander scale than ever before. Just imagine it. The eventual country-wide bankruptcy would be beautiful.

Once we’ve Brexited, we shall be a U.S. territory in all but name anyway - pretty much. So why not? Might as well go the full hog.

If many Brits share this pessimistic view of their country and its most steadfast ally, then it does face a dark future.

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Greenland is a resource rich land.

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