Is this source on the pope complete nonsense?

This source quotes Pope Francis as saying “All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them”, and “in the future, it is my hope that we will have a WOMAN pope one day”.

I am sure this source cannot possibly be true because it contradicts what he has said in the past…

It also mentions a “third vatican council” and I’m sure there is no such thing

The newspaper seems to have taken their article from a satire site, and thought it the genuine article. The article is false.

I doubt that any of it is true. And if the Holy Father said anything close to that it was no doubt taken out of context. He did talk about a greater role for women in the Church, nut not as priests and certainly not as Pope.

The Pope would never say such things because they are contrary to the Church. Also, some are just logically impossible.

1 - “all religions are true”: not only is this a self-refuting statement (ie if religion A denies the truth of religion B, they cannot both be true)

2 - there can be no female pope

3 - "because they are true in (their) hearts : this sounds like moral relativism, which leads to all sorts of problems, such as accepting anything one truly believes is okay, such as murder, theft, idolatry, any number of sexual sins etc.

This is clearly a false site…

And, though I have no proof, there is no Third Vatican Council. It says it’s been going on for 6 months? Ether Pope Francis has a twin or can be in 2 places at once because he certainly hasnt been holed up in any Council since his election as Pope.

I have heard that there has been some talk about convening a third Vatican council, but nothing definite.

This story has been floating around for a couple of weeks. It originated in a made-up, satirical “news” site called “Diversity Chronicles.” The site clearly states it is satire. However, that hasn’t stopped the spread of this fake story. One particularly vitriolic radio preacher in our area was apparently fooled by this, and has been carrying-on for several days about how those supposed statements of the Pope proves how morally bankrupt the Catholic Church is. Snopes is your friend.

…but it’s posted on the site of the 6th most visited newpaper in Nigeria!



God Bless!

Recently, I posted about the original source of this article stating how so many people take to believing this type of information by sharing on social media like Facebook. As was pointed out, here is the Disclaimer link confirming the nature of satirical content:

Well, since there’s no such thing as the Third Vatican Council, there’s your clue . . .

Usually to a question like that, the answer is usually YES!

To me this is all so sad. We live in a world where “share” on facebook or “retweet” makes something the truth. How many people are there out there that believe the “Third Vatican Council” stuff, who don’t bother to find out the truth or just accept what they read as truth?

Listen everybody, that newspaper seems to be legitimate newspaper. I was trying to contact them to let them know their story was probably based on a satire and I couldn’t figure out how to use their contact page.

Is there some computer person who can tell this newspaper there is no third Vatican Council? That newspaper gets a lot of mileage. The longer that story’s on there, the worse it will be to get this rumor stopped.

This bit of satire has been making the rounds for a week or so. :yawn:

Sincerely, I wouldn’t bother. The last thing you’d want to do is give someone in Nigeria your real email address, believe me.

That cracked me up. I think that site is satire as well.

I found three other news articles on Google News proclaiming the 3rd Vatican Council… Google, seriously, content control…

Apparently people are so struck by the media’s mythical Pope Francis that they read an article about the completion of the 3rd Vatican Council without ever wondering why they never heard about it convening.

This is the fifth thread on this topic, or maybe even the sixth. It is all started with that guy’s satirical Diversity Chronicles blog.

The original article is at

I gotta hand it to the guy. It went viral.


Its hard to believe there is a Newspaper out there that is worse than any we have in America. But we just found it.


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